Kanye West Takes Gotham The Ghetto-Real Way: No Video Models Need Apply?

Kanye West Casting Call Hood Rat
Calling All Hood Rats …

HSK Exclusive — Attention all video vixens, Instagram hotties and Kim Kardashian wannabes … DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT even think for a moment that you got what it takes to make the cut, and be chosen to feature in Kanye West’s supposed upcoming music video shoot! That is, unless you meet the choice qualifications laid out in the apparent open casting call …

Check it:

“We are looking for ‘hood rat’ type girls. Not very good looking, don’t look like they take good care of themselves. Real ghetto chicks, tough as nails. No video models.”

Kanye West Casting Call


  1. Thanks Kanye, you just set us back 400 more years.
    (I guess when you sacrifice your mom and marry a rich hoe, you just given up on life.)

  2. He only wants Latinas and blacks because white girls could never look horrible and dirty?!
    Coonye has lost his mind.

  3. His trash ass white family says "make black and latina people look terrible" then he goes and does it. Can we stop buying this man's music?

  4. Kanye should join his mother, in the same plot. Big head faggot. Looking like he got nuts stored in his jaws for the winter. The 'ghetto' girls been stopped supporting his rabbit ass.

  5. If he was to hire beautiful woman you'd complain he only likes certain types of woman he picks ones that aren't pretty it's his family corrupted him. Shut the hell up and stop complaining. If you don't like him don't support him and keep it moving. It's not like he's going to get on here read these comments and say you know what your right I'm not doing it anymore.

    • you sound like some fatherless crack baby type in his moms basement I hate hip-hop fool trying to control the free-speech of other people I'll say what the f*ck I want about Kanye -what!? He sacrificed his mother what you have to say about that?? A sellout freak flossing the Confederate flag what the hell do you have to say about that??? he's f*cking his boyfriend in Paris what you got to say about that??
      He's a footstool for those white whores! what you got to say about that?? I wish you would try to stop grown folks from saying what the hell they want too on HSK!? child please?

  6. Some people are always going to hate him just because he's Kanye West. He's saying ethnically ambiguous, multi ethnic and is wanting to employ and give exposure to people that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity this job affords. He's not saying black or white, not playing any race card either. He's offering up diversity.
    That's what I take from this as well as who Kanye hired to model his clothes at Madison Square Garden.
    Btw, I'm just a mutt too

    • You know what you can go to hell you know exactly what he was saying and you appreciate the fact that he's dissing black women because you are a so-called much I see you fool. You know what you can go to hell you know exactly what he was saying and you appreciate the fact that he's dissing black women because you are a so-called much I see you fool. Mutts always love to be able to look down on black people and guess what white people look down on your mutt ass too.

      • Jump off. You're riding every comment on the daily like only your opinion matters. You don't know what race I am nor should that matter. I don't look down on anyone, not even you. Never underestimate anyone. You are the one looking like a fool trying to latch on to anyone's comment like you're so in the know.

        • Idiot you cannot control what anybody says on the Internet sorry I am not your mama try again.

          • Do they know you've escaped and have found access to the internet? I've been onto this site for years. I don't post or reply to every comment like you do tho. You are the one looking like an idiot.

            • You trying to do damage control for Kanye it's not working. And obviously you are small minded it's ludicrous that you even try to call somebody out for commenting at a gossip board very immature and childish but it's still not working nor stopping anybody from having free speech at this page try again.

              • Everyone commenting here has the same rights. The way you call people names and disrespect everyone proves you are the problem. Normally I wouldn't be replying to someone talking smack like you do but I have respect for this site. Obviously you don't. I'd ban your IP because of how you reply so viciously to every comment.
                I'm not going to reply to you again and I, as well as others, would appreciate you not spamming on every thread.

    • Thank you, exactly. Who would hire Hood Rats, if anything he giving them a job, he basically is looking for all ethnic type hood rats for this type of genre video he's making… prob more street type shiiit song he's doing.

  7. Fuck that sellout Kanye who sacrificed his mother had 2 trick babies with a plastic whore and is the white witche's footstool f*ck you Kanye! There are many beautiful girls in the hood guess because they are broke doesn't mean they're not beautiful Who can defend this chump except people who hate black people?

    • Truer words have never been spoken. He married 'the hood' given the mileage on Kim's nether parts…

  8. Why is he making this? What is he making? What motivates him to make this bs? Meanwhile his fans who are mainly white, idolize him and believe anything he says and does.

  9. No trying to being disrespectful Kanye but would have your mother Donda West fit the protocol for this video?

    • No his mother would not fit the profile. Kanye is an illuminati drone who sacrificed his dark skin mother.

  10. Why was she having a million and one surgeries with an underlying health condition. Don't play yourself Kanye. You sacrificed your mother for fame and look karma hit and your dead broke.

  11. He put his psychosis in the media too much. A bad idea and he will find out soon just how bad.

  12. Maaan whats the big deal, he is employing hood rats n shiit so its ok. Most videos would be employing only mix and exotic type chicks n shiiit, so yall complaining because Shanainai and Pookie n them actually getting a job for being busted looking lol

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