Amina Defends Her Right to Get Pregnant by Peter Gunz Again

amina buddafly pregnant peter gunz

We already broke the news that Amina Buddafly was pregnant with Peter Gunz’s 10th baby, but the Love & Hip Hop New York star confirmed it on last night’s reunion show.

In case you forgot, Amina and Peter’s baby mama, Tara, found out they were pregnant around the same time last year. Tara decided to keep her baby, and Amina got an abortion.

But Amina was clearly feeling left out of this love triangle from hell. So, just months after the abortion, she willingly got knocked up by Peter once again. Fans of the show came for her neck about her stupid choices, so she took to social media to defend her right to act as Peter’s personal c*m dumpster.

Do you think Amina’s dumb as rocks for getting pregnant by Peter just months after aborting the first baby?


    • Remember the back in 2005 where Russell Simmons signed her and her two sisters to his Def Jam group? The name of the group called Black Buddafly.

  1. No, I don't think she is dumb. Why? I did the same thing. I was threatening another miscarriage and I didn't want nobody to know, not even the father. So I went and had it done. Alot of women do this every day, she is no different.

  2. Well she can't be too dumb when at anytime she got Peter by the balls and Tara by the neck. Hell we all been dumb at some point in the love department. I know I have been a dupe at one point and so have y'all. I can't call out the kettle on this one.

  3. And like your fore ancestors were any different. Think about it. How in the hell U got here if wasn't for your fore ancestors.

  4. She's not being called dumb for having a baby, its the fact that her and Tara are still sharing this slime of a man and having babies with him. Its Sad that they don't know there worth!

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