A$AP ROCKY: Chanel Iman Squashed His Zoe Kravitz Dreams!

A$AP Rocky Chanel Iman Zoe Kravitz

“He used to lock me in his dressing room so he can go f*ck his groupies.” – Chanel Iman

HSK Exclusive – A$AP Rocky may have recently rolled out his account of an acid-fuelled orgy he says he shared with nine women … but no matter how deep his attraction for Zoe Kravitz, she isn’t one of them! Just ask Chanel Iman. Know why? We’re told it was none other than Rocky’s very own ex who squashed any chance the rapper might’ve had rock’in with Zoe!

“Chanel told Zoe that Rocky is a promiscuous sex addict.”

According to our source, A$AP Rocky’s attraction to Zoe Kravitz is the real reason why Chanel Iman called it quits! But before Chanel bounced, the fashion model was sure to hip Zoe to the “real deal” with A$AP Rocky.

“Kravitz told A$AP Rocky to kick rocks!”

Dig the Drop:

“Rocky used to take Chanel on tour. After Rocky’s performance he would have his security lock Chanel in his dressing room and run back to the bathroom and BANG the groupies from the audience that were picked out by his A$AP roadies & crew.”

A$AP Rocky Groupie Love


  1. This nigga wears dresses. Why would any woman/girl want a potential battie boy that can spread HIV or other s.t.d’s. He’s manhood have been compromised. Keep that dirty dick. For all the money it isn’t worth it. I would rather deal with a broke straight man than a this.

    • Yeah, I really don’t think he’s losing sleep over you either.

      Imo he’ll come out as bi in a few years once his peak is over, he’s milked his money off stupid rap audiences and when the black community has got wise to the fact not every gay or bi man is part of some fictional Illuminati subplot.

      You can thank me for this sage advice in coupla years, or less.

  2. Asap Rocky is coon. he bashes Black Women and, he put biracial/ white women on a pedestal!
    I thought Zoe likes white dick??, why the sudden change??.

  3. She ain’t never smell that foulness on him when he came back in the dressing room? Isn’t that where the showers are? Old women know that if a man have that scent on him anywhere, he is gonna get dealt with.

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