Arrest Warrant Issued For Texas Cop Who Murdered Jordan Edwards

The fired Balch Springs police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old driving away from a party has been officially charged with murder, law enforcement officials confirmed.

The murder warrant for Roy Oliver was signed Friday afternoon by a Dallas judge. Oliver has not yet been arrested but is expected to turn himself in with his attorney.

Hours after a 15-year-old was shot and killed by a Balch Springs police officer, the driver of the car he was the front seat passenger in was forced to give his statement to investigators.

The 16-year-old driver was Jordan Edwards’ older brother. And despite having just witnessing his brother’s death, he was grilled for hours by detectives after the shooting.

Through the boy’s attorney, Jasmine Crockett, FOX4 is learning what the first witness told detectives following the fatal shooting.

Crockett was with the boy while he was interviewed and recounted the moments that led up to the shooting of Jordan by now fired Balch Springs Officer Roy Oliver. Her narrative came from a Frank Crowley Courts Building interview by sheriff’s deputies of Jordan’s brother hours after the shooting.

“What he shared that mattered was that at no point in time was that vehicle moving towards any officer,” she explained. “I explained to him that that interview would be recorded. I explained to him that I would be sitting next to him the entire time.”

Jordan, an honor roll student, was the front seat passenger in the car. Three other boys, including another of his brothers, were in the backseat.

“He also explained that the shot that killed his brother came through the passenger side window,” Crockett said.


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  2. Let the record show that no black leader has said a word about this white cop murdering a innocent black boy. We have not heard any statements from Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), or former President Barack Obama. Black leadership in Amerikkka is just as fake as Nicki Minaj’s ass. Most of the so called black leaders are stepinfetchit assholes!

    • Maybe because unlike the past two years where all police shootings went unaddressed by people in leadership positions, this case was reviewed quickly and the cop was fired, not put on administrative leave. No time to riot, etc. which is when you would have seen the usual so called civil leaders gather their mugs for the camera. I think if a Gardner type situation or Ferguson situation happened today, they would jump to investigate and not dragged their feet.

  3. A white police officer shot and killed a unarmed 15 year old black boy inside of a car; his punishment, paid administrative leave. Two years ago, a black police officer named Derrick Stafford shot and killed a unarmed 6 year old white boy inside of a car. That incident happened in Marksville Louisiana. Derrick Stafford was convicted of first degree manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison.
    This white justice system incarcerated black police officer Derrick Stafford who killed a 6 year old white boy. White police officer killed a black boy, time will tell if he is found guilty of murder; let’s hope. Meanwhile, the black police officer killed a white boy and goes to prison.
    Racist hypocrisy exist in Amerikkka. It seems blue lives matter only when the police officer is white. In the words of the rapper KRS-One, “There can never be justice on stolen land.”

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