Are Beyonce & Jay Z Using Cheating Scandal to Sell Tickets?

beyonce jay z on the run II tour

Jay Z has been blabbing about cheating on Beyonce for the past few months. At first, we thought his candid interviews were his way of getting in front of a bigger story just in case one of his mistresses decided to come forward. But now, it looks like he was just gearing up for his On the Run II tour.

Beyonce shared the news with this promo video on her Instagram account:

Will you be paying to see Mr. & Mrs. Carter in action?


  1. *Will you be paying to see Mr. & Mrs. Carter in action?

    Hell Naw…..2 Da Naw…..2 Da Naw…2 Da Naw……Naw…..Naw!!!

    • Just say hell no to greedy mediocre talents who create no jobs to put money in your pocket but still ask you to share your little money with them

  2. Um, yes. Jay is also using Bey to stay relevant. I love Jay, but the truth is the truth.

  3. nope. she just keeps letting joe camel make a fool out her. stock up on the antibiotics bey because it’s not if he will cheat again it’s when…and he will! find your courage and self-respect, self-esteem. having another baby isn’t going to repair the trust factor. his character is broken and he doesn’t respect women or the sanctity of marriage. tick tock bey…

  4. I can honestly say I am over them real talk I miss the old Beyonce people do grow and develop into their own self but the direction she is going I am good.

    • Well said! I told my spouse the same thing! I hate her music didn’t evolve with her age. Instead she trying to keep up with the younger artists like Nikki and Rhianna and she didn’t have to.

  5. Of course Jay and Bey are…especially amongst her black female audience…they love drama, sex scandals, domestics abuse…i remember when the cheating thing started the shaderoom was full of “leave his ass”…”we yall can relate to bey” and more strangely they were looking for the woman with good hair… these women didnt understand that bey was just clowning and capitalizing on their insecurties. smdh

  6. He’s definitely no Elton John or Hall and Oates.. I will pass as usual, not the least bit interested..

  7. I like Jay and Bey. They are not coming to my part of Ohio, but I would love to see them again. The first OTR tour was fun. I think it’s great they can build money together. That’s my relationship goal. Some people will always pay to see them perform. They put on an entertaining show. You can see the love they have for each other. I think it’s easier to walk away, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s harder to stay, and try to build trust again. I like them.

  8. Not because she can’t sing but because the generation has changed kids are not into songs that form sentences. They don’t dance anymore, they snap chat and video tape everything. Its over..


  10. Haven’t they gotten enough of the masses money already..what about doin a free show?? Not thinking about that huh..I would give these two a dime of my money..they don’t need it..just greedy is what it is…for a pair of Jay-Z and Justine Timberlake tickets shit was like 500$ a pop..smh..I wouldn’t give them a dime..there playin us…with this pr cheating pr bs..even if it’s true…just like Bruce Jenner cross dressing ass..every one already new..but they made money off of it …all he had to do was embrace it ..and call it empowerment….smh..

    • Ditto I wonder what Michelle Obama talks about with a high school dropout? Shaking and baking your big fatty ? Lol

  11. She should go back to letting her daddy manage her instead of Leeton Rock nation make her a fake Rhianna. I’m sorry B but this is not you you were better wheen you were managged by Daddy. Also Jay z is aging you with aging that stress. You made aging bad move mixing business with pleasure, Honey.

    • Annnnnddd having twins at 40+ will age you QUIcKLY.

      Look at Halle B- her youthfulness left when Nahla sucked part of it and her son the rest of it.

      Ladies – have your kids in you 20s and 30s if possible!!

  12. @old skool…I see they got u hyped up..u copping those tickets bro?? ( in my sarcastic voice)…..smh #they follow like sheep

  13. beyonce rapping betthan jay these days, jay sounds like a old aging guy trying to keep up with the 90’s babies.

  14. If baphomet Beyonce and the Camel are constantly going on tour, that means they are not as rich as they claim to be.

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