Jay-Z’s Former Mistresses Plan to Expose His Cheating Ways?

jay z cheating mistresses

A blind item reveal dropped some major tea about Jay-Z’s former mistresses teaming up to expose him.

Here’s what the blog Crazy Days and Nights had to say:

“This permanent A list rapper knows there are multiple women who are about to expose him for the hundreds of times he has cheated on his wife, so is hoping his admission of a few women will cover for the hundreds. Nice try. – Jay Z/Beyonce”


  1. How is this a revelation. Is this news to anyone? He knew what was coming and decided to drop the information himself about cheating to lessen the blow.

    • Exactly, his strategy is so transparent. These are not affairs; it is his lifestyle = hundreds!

  2. He’s the average wealthy man, can’t keep it in his pants.. He’s just fooling himself, he probably was taking care of his wife.. It’s not emotional for most men to cheat, they cheat because they are missing something inside of them…I thought that his wifey was a carpet licker.

    • I’m sorry…but if I could fuck Bey every night… on the regular. (pausing at the thought) My God… I had a moment…I really just had a moment. I would renounce my throne for that pussy.

  3. We been knew jay was a dog his music says it

    Why did solange really woop him was she defending her sister or does her and jay have a secret affair

  4. This is not at all surprising. Everyone in hollywierd sleeps around with the same people that’s why majority of them have stds

  5. Why do they keep messing with a man they know is married. Nobody is going to have sympathy for them but Jesus.

  6. Who tf really cares? Only one bitch has to deal with his infidelities and needs to know. I’m so sick of these so called exposés. These heifers opened their legs to a married man and feel the need to discuss it with the world as if they are entitled to some sympathy. They just as thirsty as when they were crawling around for the dick.

    • Omg yes to this all day. I don’t understand those that actively seek the mistress position and then complain the man doesn’t respect them. Bish you knew that man was married then get mad he doesn’t wife you up.

  7. So, he wasn’t spending enough on them.

    No one will be surprised.

    Now she’s mad at me, cause Your Majesty, just happened to be
    A pimp, what a tragedy
    She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked her friend
    She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again
    I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, “Shit
    There’s a draft, shut the door bitch, come on in!”

    • Please tell me that that is not really a song? Wait……really…..

      Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it
      inside your belly, if it’s tight get the K-Y Jelly
      All night get you wide up inside the telly
      Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you’re too much for me

      (giving this fool serious side eye right now)

      Let me enlighten him and other fools that think women can be controlled because YOU think that YOU are laying pipe. AAAhem , (clears throat) If your pipe don’t weigh at least….I will say it again…. IF YOUR PIPE don’t weigh at least 6 Lbs and 3 oz, You AIN’T Damaging Shit!!! Haaaa Haa, F**K WHAT THEY TOLD YA LMAO!!!!!!!!

      And any woman that gets stuck on a F***K is lost and deserves whatever happens to her. I say this from experience,lol. Baby don’t let that man control you with sex boo, if you do get stuck don’t NEVA….EVA tell him cuz he will be bragging and making rhymes about yo ass just like this chump.

      Hummph, ugly men always try talk their selves up on some cooch that they know DAMN well they don’t deserve (some even result to begging and crying) just to turn around and do some shit like this. SMH



      When the “Blank” is good:


      • Black Women go for looks over ability to raise a family. That is why Black communities look like a Thermobaric bomb has been dropped on it.

        • You full of shit for this comment. At least black women are sticking with black men. Black men on the other hand fuck with any race of women that has a fat ass!

        • No Anal-ymous… Those communities look like a bomb hit is because that’s the way your edomite daddy/mamma likes it. The last time my people built a community into a wealth mecca (Black Wall Street) – you neanderthals LITERALLY bombed it with WWI bomber planes. #FuckOff

        • Umm, that was my comment, don’t know why my name is not on it but the only man I was REALLY referring to was Jay-zzzzz. Soooo your reply about what “Black Women” go for is a generalization that was uncalled for. I was just being facetious but where did I say anything about “Black” men anywhere in the post??? Must be a personal problem and says a lot about you, your insecurities and “short cummings”

  8. Groupies and hookers plan to expse Jay-Z? I got one name to say, Kathy White!

  9. So what..He has “recreational sex” with fine dimes he runs across whenever he wants..What else do y’all expect
    The man has million$..Do you expect him to bang only her forever..Wake up and stop bein so naive.

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