Apollo Nida Skips On Prison Sentence: Warrant Issued By U.S. Marshals


Update: Apollo eventually turned himself in much later that same evening.

An arrest warrant was issued for a Real Housewives cast member Apollo Nida yesterday when he skipped out on his scheduled date to surrender and begin an eight-year prison sentence. Rather, Nida showed up at Phaedra’s house, where Bravo cameras were rolling.

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Apollo Nida (who was convicted of money laundering and check fraud this summer) was supposed to turn himself in to authorities yesterday at noon to begin his sentence.

Instead, he apparently went home to confront his wife, Phaedra Parks, forcing his way into the house to berate her for changing the locks and failing to deposit money into his prison bank account.

A source tells Us Weekly, “It was the most bizarre thing. Everyone thought he was already at jail this morning. He drove himself to jail and was supposed to be there by noon. So Bravo came over to her house to start filming her coming home and all that stuff. The whole Bravo crew saw it – it’s all on tape. Everyone was shocked.”

Parks’ husband verbally attacked her from their driveway, shouting, “You didn’t come to my hearing!”

Nida — who previously served six years in prison for auto loan fraud — was “running around the house like a lunatic for about 20 minutes. He was psychotic, not even making sense.”

Nida was sentenced this summer after pleading guilty to charges that he created a fake collections company as a front for identity theft. He reportedly used his victims’ information to secure fraudulent auto loans, and also admitted to stealing US Treasury checks and Delta Airlines retirement checks.


      • She sure did! She thought she was ride or die but then life got real! I bet we never see that footage, he prob ratted her out for helping!

        Not going to the hearing and no money on the books, seems like shes gonna skip outta state and start anew.

  1. Dude will spend half his life in jail, by the time he is done, what a way to live, if only somebody could have grabbed him in his teen years and motivate him, steer him in the right direction. As a woman and wife, you would think phaedra would take on that role but shes shady and dark as hell with her sexual deviant ass, so she cant be counted to help him. And hes not the brightest, probably realizing how she played him and manipulated got him into this mess.

  2. What really is the deal here? Apollo who did you make angry? What us the rest of the story. I refuse to believe he did this ness by himself and was not part of a larger organization. How does Mrs. Nida fit in here?
    Apollo thought Phaedra had his back and he did not find out until the day his sentence began. Mrs. Nida is something else.

    • Rather or not he did it alone is neither here nor there, HE did it! HE admitted it, end of the f*cking story! IF Phaedra was in on it or not, HE SHOULD have said something a long time ago! Snitch or no snitch!

    • If i was phedra i wouldnt have his back either after he strait up DOGGED me on TV, flirting with Kenya every chance he got, i was just watching that episode where he got caught talking to Kenya in the corner and then phedra walked in on them and left back to the hotel and he left her out there with no key to get in the room, i was embarrassed for her

  3. He stole from needy people. He deserves to go to jail. Committing fraud is a low-life heartless, self-centered crime. Go to jail. Don’t commit the crime if you don’t want to do the time. You defrauded and played others now she’s doing the same to him. There is no honor among thieves. Lol

    And no, he is not crazy. He’s just trying for a better facility. He just won’t learn. Lol

  4. most criminals are just retarded like that. nobody should feel sorry for him cause of the simple fact that he has to go to jail because of his GREED. lmfao how the f*ck people get hired in the entertainment business and they are STILL out there selling drugs and doing all types of crimes?? LOL the moral of the story is: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHATEVER JOB YOU HAVE, THE PAYROLL WILL ROB YOU. smh

  5. I’m pretty sure Phaedra had her hand in the cookie jar. In fact, I think she was the mastermind behind because Apollo is not the brightest crayon in the crayon. He can barely spit out a coherent sentence let alone, figure out how to defraud people out of their money. Her being a lawyer and not batting an eye at Apollo spending $8000 at the strip club says everything.

    • You are so right. Apollo is about as articulate as Pootie Tang or Keith Murray.

    • I see Apollo hearing about the scam from otherbrich shady people in thier circle and then bringing it to phadra, and phadra went along with it to please her husband and even offered her expertise when necessary, which makes her even dumber because she is the more educated one and already making money

  6. I thought at the reunion Apollo said Kenya should be put money on his books because he gave her a storyline. Now after making that statement why would he expect anything from Phaedra.

  7. This is soooo phony! Cameras rolling…publicity to continue watching rhoa. Viewers falling for this……smh. Apollo is arrogant. He is an unintelligent, actually, stupid criminal and a snitch. He knew he was going to prison and you really think he did not secure who and how loot would be put in his prison account. It just infuriates me how a criminal can make sure of his comfort while in prison. Youth watching the ratchet show are getting a lesson…….crime pays. Steal MILLIONS, live it up LARGE, get a slap on the wrist, go to a reasonably comfortable federal prison, money on YOUR BOOK….for you to continue to LIVE IT UP WHILE IN THERE, as you eat healthy, exercise, etc., then return to freedom…..smh. And….A BOOK DEAL. smh……
    And Phadra knew and knows what went down. Do they really think folks are as stupid as they are……BRAVO getting paid (ratings), Apollo and Phadra getting paid for bring the turn’t up drama before the climax of going to prison. And he did not turn himself in on expected time. Whooooo has nerve to do that…only thing missing is the white bronco driving slowly with a neon flashing light……

  8. On one of the episodes, Apollo reminded Phadra how she used to let him bend her over and do what he would do to her. That was such a filthy and disrespectful comment to say to your wife, knowing cameras were rolling. Well, he will,probably get caught up on the obvious action he enjoys….only difference, he will,probably be the one bent over. Dummy, go back to what you obviously craved. You are a vile, low hanging fruit…..no, you are fruit that has fallen to the ground, rotting. Hopefully you will just shut up, pray, ask God and your many victims for forgiveness and just be still. Because you are soooo dumb, your only punishment should be to write on a chalk board “I must not steal” 8 hours daily, with 1/2 hr lunch break, no make it 12 hours, with lunch break and 2 fifteen min breaks. Do that daily for your complete stay. Sundays off, to rest, reflect and tell God how you are going to not repeat your stupid, criminal ways when you get out.

  9. He is pretty too. DON’T DROP THE SOAP! They gone eat his tail up!!! Shoot, they already got a plate and spoon ready for a nice meaty meal! Yuck!

    • Which career should Phaedra be concerned about, her fledgling law practice, her Donkey Booty DVD company, her stun gun company or her funeral home? Lol.

        • She was working with Willie Watkins. He has a funeral home in GA that specializes in ratchet send offs. Phakedra should have her mortuary sciences license by now. That explains why she always looks casket sharp.

  10. no more d*ck for phoney phae phae she’ll probaly get d*ck down by her male strippers

  11. Today is Sept 11, a hude solar flare heading for Earth and its a full moon. PLEASE LET THIS SITUATION BLOW UP MORE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD APOLLO, GO BACK AGAIN, GET STABBY!

  12. Nothing to see here… He’s just working on his book deal or reality show for when he gets out. And know Phae got paid because that’s why the cameras were there. No one was shocked because if they were they should have called police…his mental health is questionable at best.
    The intention is ALWAYS to get your attention.

  13. 8 years is a long time. No parole in the Federal corrections system. No one gonna remember his azz when he gets out.

    He betta find his way to the nearest DOJ center. The Feds don’t give a shit he on some low-budget ratchet show. He don’t surrender, it is back to court for an additional sentencing.

  14. So which one of the blogs are we supposed to believe. Several have said he turned himself in.

    Also, I dislike coming here anymore being forced to watch/listen to videos on every page. Every time I go to a new page I immediately mute or turn down my sound. You’re getting absolutely no play from me. If you want to have a video there and I want to see/hear it…give me the respect of choosing to click on it myself.

  15. This is the physical response of a man who realizes his life is over for the next 8 years… Rude Awakening Cometh! All this chaos because he thought the boys on the other side would not buck. Criminals have loose lips, so, they will save their own neck first. His Girl Friday did him in… The Feds! I wish him well, but, he gon suffer.

  16. On Mediatakeout site, they posted a story earlier this week that a camera crewman had to pull a reality show husband off of his reality show wife/entertainer (he was beating her behind)……And now the show has to do decide whether or not to put this incident into the show……They immediately stated, ” no yaw its not TI”…….And then days later they post this same story about Apollo coming back to his house & acting crazy…….I’m wondering if this beating was done by Apollo? Anyone know?

    There has to be more to Phaedra/Apollo’s relationship that Phaedra seems angry at him about that was never shown on the show for her to not supposedly not support him during this time or maybe it was because she was shooting the show……Don’t know.

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