Jay Electronica Ex Boo Shuts Down Record Label


Kate Rothschild has shut down her record label Roundtable Records. Know why? Because the banking heiress’ only artist/boyfriend, Jay Electronica packed up, left England and moved back to America.

Here’s what reported:

“Music producer Kate fell in love with Jay Electronica after she signed him to Roundtable Records, but now its website has been taken down and she is owed £365,606 by the business.

Roundtable Records, which Kate set up in 2010, it has stocks of just
£1,885 and cash of £761.”


  1. Well, the “thrill” is gone now Jay better watch is attitude from now on. But i must say, he is 1 bold kneegrow, lol !

  2. For him to pack up & leave so abruptly is odd to me. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he was receiving death threats from TPTB.

    • He’s LUCKY the slave master didn’t ghost him but he got a reality check as most sell outs do. Kobe got his.

        • WW set him up for rape in a white state thats how – stop playing DUMB. Kobe is a SELL OUT BEEN WENCH, too. Hell, I’ve been watching all these videos on youtube of BM calling BW sell out bed wenches but the jokes on them since BM are the biggest sell out bed wenches period.

      • Jay had to reconcile what was staring back at him in the mirror. He got a contact high swimming in Massa’s pond with one of their daughters. In his mind, it’s the rush that pushes the union forward. Seeing the angry stares of whitemen only added to the suspense. At the end of the day, Jay a blackman from New Orleans with no hits and units sold who was paid to have sex with a rich whitewoman… Case Closed! Our legacy is greater than sexual stereotypes forced on us by another man. Again, this is about us loving us. Whitewomen and other women are gonna do what they do regardless, that’s not our problem to worry about. Too much strife and chaos amongst ourselves as a race of men. Human beings can change for the better… It’s Real!!!

      • Lol…..Shit you should see her ex Husband!!!!!!! He aged like a muafuggah when it became public knowledge that his wife was gobbling smoked sausage while she was still married to him. And you know he almost jumped from the tallest building in London, shit he is a billionaire this dont happen to them. Theses women will run you down, if you let em. Sounds to me like women are just as f*cked up as men.

      • PEOPLE will run you down. Stop with that feminist bullshit…and yes I’m a BM running my own ish and my partner and my BM doing the exact same. You should try it sometime sis.

        • You’re telling somebody else to stop w/ some “feminist shit”,YET, YOU’RE talking about “YOUR” man? MUTHA FUCKA please miss me w/ that dumb shit! SOMEBODY told you wrong! In YOUR circle, YOU may get a pass to blast, but up in here, leave that bullshit in your man purse! Now your nuts are full, & YOU feel that YOU can can say what you want, how you want, when you want. I ain’t with the gay shit, f*ck your accomplishments! If you feel you can speak on women issues, then I feel I can speak fag issues, SIMPLE.

  3. Im surprised she wasnt disowned for dating a blackman. She probably wanted to make her family mad,what better way then the blackest ninja. I think Jay is smart and had her tellin all the family buisness during sex. White women think with their cooch and call it love. White men really dont want white women so they put her on the pedal stool of greatness to trick other races to feel that a white women is the ultimate. Statue of liberty perfect example. Then you got black men who believe the hype and treat her with kindness. He therefore feels like he’s a winner and prides his mixed mutts and white woman. Never realizing her plan of purpose is to divide and conquer black unity between the black man and woman. Once a blackman gets involved with the other white meat he doesnt care bout black issues anymore, he’s sleeping with the enemy. The black woman and everything bout her now turns him off. Then they tell their boys and family members white woman man they dont complain, they better in bed, this that and the other. So after years of brainwashing themselves along with the white man subliminally making her a must have through movies, commercial, porn etc that this white woman is really something to be proud of a must have. Now more than ever is that savage white mans plan is in full affect, blacks acting savagely, no morals or strong up bringings. Black women are not only dating white men their bleaching their skin to be lighter, and doin anything to be accepted by anybody cause she gotta stay in the race. White people dont have feelings. Even the ones who act like they’re down for you, its all a way to somehow trick our black asses. Sorry but I watched Mandingo lastnight, im feeling some type of way.

    • Truth Anon. It’s sad how some black brothers have turned their back on the black women not realizing that they are helping whites to commit genocide against their own people. 95% of athletes take white wives and I just came to the conclusion that this ish must be in their contract when they sign with theses leagues. After my mom left my dad she began to date a white man, who ended up molesting one of my nieces; he’d walk around the house staring at me and my sister like he wanted to have sex with us. My dad came and took me and my sister away from my mother cause he told her that he wouldn’t have his daughters being raised by any other man especially a white man wanted in Nebraska for child molestation. He ended up molesting my niece. My brother broke left him with 2 broke jaws damn near killing him. It took about 5 cops to pull my brother off of him. After that my mom still took up for this white man.

      • Did you say 95%? That percentage is wayyyy off. Majority of the athletes are married to black women and that is a fact. Please do not be misconstrued with the media poisoning.Black folk are still getting married, high profile or not. Don’t be bamboozled. They love to tamper fear with our minds.

        • Amen!! I spoke this truth to someone the other day..the statistics want you to believe that black folks aren’t together-but we are. 🙂 🙂

    • And black women don’t think with there cooch, have you seen the latest CDC report 50% of black women have the Herpes virus.

      • Please stop with the lies about Black Women and herpes. You are just posting anything to feel validated because u feel some kinda way about sistas.Stop kidding yourself. LoL!

        • 50% 0f all the 12 black women that they surveyed results from, you mean. Let me explain how white statistics works.

          White man: i know four black men, three of them are molestors.
          fox news: 75% of black men are molestors

          Now every black man a white person comes across, they’ll automatically think he’s a molestor. They will use anything, including numbers to make the black race and culture look terrible. It feeds their fears, so they can be justified in killing blacks and treating blacks less than

          • When I saw that 50%of black women was infected with herpes, I was like, that’s a motherf*ckin lie. And for the record I still think its a lie. BUT, this is what they have on the Internet. Now what I ou in the search bar was “percent of women infected with Herpes”. Please notice that I did not include the words black or African Aerican. But the very first link that came available was this. I want to use this moment to ask everyone to wake up when it comes to black me and black women. I think it’s unfair for people, most importantly sisters to believe everything written or said about black men. If you readily accept everything that is said or written about us, then you would understand us believing that 50 percent of sisters are infected with herpes, right? Shit it’s right here read it


            • Wow…Could you imagine what the stats are for those in the entertainment industry? It should be high due to folks getting turned out, people sleeping their way to the top, orgies, all the try sexuals and all those sexual rituals that take place.

          • Yes. Have you questioned where the statistics are coming from? Are you asking how were they compiled? Look around you Al, does it match your reality? It does not match mine and I live in the hood, and people are married, yes married.

            Question everything and think for yourself.

            • People kill me blindly trusting in statistics.

              Here is a statistic for you…
              85 percent of all raccoons speak English when no one is around.

              Now run and quote that statistic.

            • LOL@ lulamae….here’s one for you 85% of French people speak French, compared to only 50% of Americans who speak English. The rest all speak Tasmanian devil style gibberish. LOL. That’s my new thing. I’m just gonna make up shit and call it statistics!
              100% of people named kardashian are raving sluts….oh wait,that one is actually true….

            • @B.

              @ Anon 14:31
              I know…just say anything and call it statistics.
              Anon 14:31. Are you my buddy Anon, or a different one!
              Either way… Hey!

            • This BW slander has got to go. Did any of these fools stop to ask who BW are allegedly contracting herpes from? Cut the bullshit with a knife already.

              BW hatred is so déclassé. I expect more of BM. Hell, I expect more of white men. The overwhelming majority of the posters on HSK were born to BW, so let’s stop with the continual disrespect for the womb. Stop it.

            • lulumae chile u r too funny…to add to your point and if no one is around how do we know its 85% …

            • @ Mizz Buttafingaz:

              Girl LOL yourself! Your response had me rolling!

      • Your stats are waaaaaay off about black women and herpes. Making us look diseased is part of the same agenda always painting us as loud and aggressive

            • You meant to say, “Now run along and get your sheet off of layaway.” That fool would be lucky to be able to take his sheet to a laundromat, more or less a cleaners. You’re too kind.

          • No, you are the dummy and the fool. You blindly believe “statistics” without question.

            “When the CDC sent out a report that seemed to say that nearly ½ of all Black women were infected with genital herpes, people were shocked and outraged by the damning data.
            Now, however, the CDC is clarifying their information. 48% of the Black women they tested were positive for exposure to herpes but NOT THE DISEASE ITSELF in a study of just 5,000 women. The CDC’s data came from the National Health and Nutrition Survey or (NHANES) of 5,000 randomly selected women. Dr. John Douglas, the director of the division of STD Prevention at the National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention at the CDC also says that more Black people were tested in the study than any other group to make it more “representative.”

            So, Al, a mere 5,000 tested do NOT give the ok to say that HALF of ALL Black women have herpes, ESPECIALLY, when these women weren’t even completely tested to know for a fact that they even have the disease. And if you test more Black women than any other race, then of course you will have higher numbers. Smh. I swear, people just believe anything at face value. You probably believe that wrestling is real.

    • Whyt men know whyt women ho € s. The first charity belt invented with them in mind. They put them on a pedestal to make the race look clean as a whole.

    • “Mandingo” tells you the m.f. truth! The white bitch told him that if he didn’t lay down w/her, she was going to tell everybody that he raped her. Either way, he was f*cked! Today is different, except for the boiling kettle. The black man HAS a choice.

  4. He probably was with her for the money. Once the money settled in, he realized, he did not love her. I guess the juice was not worth the squeeze.

  5. Did she really think committing adultery would turn out good? Woman please! Better get down on those knees and repent.

  6. This dude got with a Rothschild. There is no rapper alive that can top that. Just shut up when he’s around.

  7. I never told my dad about him staring at me and my sister cause he would have killed em. Black men no one can understand your struggle but the black woman. It took chains and shackles to bound us up on slave ship,desensitized our minds to believe we’re nothing more than cattle. But it’s going to take self love for your blackness black men to set us black women free.

  8. The thrill was never there. This sounds like a business relationship that went sour. He wanted access to fame and fortune, she had access and connections, she wanted the landing experience, he gave it to her, she went nuts and overboard, he conquered the conquest and the goal was accomplished, she fell in love, he wasn’t feeling her and he jetted out. Boom!

  9. The Rothschild family is the illuminati people foolishly believe Jay Z is apart of. The top of the pyramid. Jay Electronica is a fool f*cking with them. They are the definition of money, power, respect.

  10. you can’t be d*cking down a pasty looking bytch then be talking about black issue………no no no
    all you sellout black men/women should be ashamed of yourself

    how did jay e meet her ummmmm jayz any chance??!!

  11. For him to pack up and leave in a hurry like that is fishy! I think he was afraid of something. I also think she was pregnant by him at some point, but it didn’t turn out the way he hoped.

  12. Sidebar: Jay looks like he has the Donkey Kong. I wouldn’t touch him, but in that photo, he looks like he is holding for dear life. That is probably why Kate ditched her husband and ran off with Jay. The ones with the unfortunate looking faces are usually the ones with the anacondas.

    • That is so true B. I know this from experience! I usually don’t like pretty dudes, or dudes that are considered “fine” by otherpeople’s standards. I like average looking guys, but most of all how they are as a person inside. And as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the average looking ones have usually been the ones to be packing the most. Lol

  13. How is no one bringing up the fact this lady is a Rothschild? Not only are they Jewish and not white, the are the richest family in the world! Have your crappy rap/hip hop now! Dont complain about Iggy when everyone damn near sold out that genre of music. Hip Hop is the new Punk in terms ofsold out shallowness.

    • I’ve brought this up on every other Jay Electronica thread. It is old news. I’m just hoping he has a nude selfie or two that leaks. I’m curious…

    • Gotta agree. WTF is he doin’ runnin’ with this illuminati skank?

      I just wonder if any pillow talk included the subject of reparations.


  14. What the f*ck happened here? How does a nigga from E.Bodu to smashing the illuminati seed…this nigga went from freedom to slavery, from a fist in the air to throwing up the Baphomet… Crazy shit son

    • Why am I the only one calling him a sell out but if this was a sister there would be one hundred messages calling her a bed wench which is what he is.

    • That’s spelling the Twitter way. Someone tweeted “flaming young” instead of ‘filet mignon.’

        • That’s what we call “trolling.” People will do something stupid like that to get retweets and followers. It usually works.

          Someone spelled ‘Girbaud’ (jeans) “Jaboes.” I don’t think he was trolling, tho. Someone said they needed to get an “alphet” to wear to the club. You and I would call it an ‘outfit,’ but eh. What can you do?!.

  15. This had to be one of the oddest looking couples ever, and i liked jay electronica until i saw one of his interviews where he was tripping over his words, i thought he was intelligent because his lyrics are, but now im wondering if he has a ghost writter

  16. Anon @19:58 mentioned reparations. The Rothchilds have more than enough to set every black man, woman,& child. I hope & pray he worked it to his advantage, & live long enough to enjoy it.

  17. jay electronica should be ashamed of himself you know why??? because he’s ex’s family made money from slavery
    why do you think that family is soo rich. jay is fool d*cking down masa’s daughter

    do you know what they did to n*gga’s lynch them cut off their d*cks and put it in a jar with salt water to preserve the d*ck
    so masa could looks at the d*ck like a souvenir



      • @crazychris

        they take a picture of their d*ck for a souvenir !! on their phones

  18. kate a ugly ass white bitch.

    she would have to pay me to sex her and wake up with her every morning and yes I want her to take me shopping feed me, everything .

    hope jay enjoyed her benefits.

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