Former Stripper Named As Basketball Wife Amy Duncan’s Jump-Off!!!

Tim Duncan's Cheating Wife Amy - Gil Urbano

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the identity of the man suspected to be involved with Tim Duncan’s wife of 12-years!

Sources reveal Gil Urbano, a former stripper, now has Amy Duncan to thank for getting him off the strip pole. Know why? Because she reportedly bought a gym where he poses as the owner, and she apparently is the silent owner who is known to frequent the spot.

“He’s a dead beat! He was a stripper and now thinks he’s the shit because he teaches Brazilian fighting.”

Gil Urbano and Amy Duncan aka Amy Dourada Capoeira’s ‘The Vessel’ aka ‘Crossfit: The Vessel’ — located at 17460 IH 35 North, Suite 200 Schertz, Texas 78154 (less than half-an-hour from San Antonio) — opened its doors back in April 2012. That’s around the same time Tim Duncan reportedly hired a private detective to tale his basketball-wife-turned-whore.

Sources say Amy — who shares two kids with Duncan — has been involved with Gil Urbano for about two-years. During that time, sources reveal she didn’t only use her hubby’s NBA money to fund ‘The Vessel’, she also filed for divorce from the NBA All-Star player.

Here’s what a source tells The Dirty about Gil Urbano:

“He’s a player and a user and that’s why his ex-wife left him! We don’t want him in San Antonio, he needs to go back to Houston where he says he’s supposedly from!”

Did Tim Duncan — who recently signed a three-year $36-million dollar extension with the NBA — cover his ass by insisting Amy sign a pre-nup? Of course! Just ask Gregg Popovich…



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    And you hear giving out lectures?

    AA men just can’t keep their filthy mitts off good Islander women…. like everything else. I’ve really grown to hate them.

  3. The majority of famous black actors and athletes are married to black women. The majority of them who get divorced by those black women are railroaded in the courts system. Most of the black men who are married to white women are happy and don't have any problems. I bet if we do a comparison the numbers would show that more famous black men are destroyed by black women than white.

    its also funny no one ever mentions all of the famous Black women who are married to white men like Maya Angelou (RIP), she married 1 white man got divorced and then married another! No one knew who she was married too until after she died. But let a black man marry or date a white girl and the world goes nuts!

  4. You sound like a bitter black woman. The kind he, and most other smart black guys, avoid like the plague.

  5. Wow. This thread proves two things. One black people are just as ignorant and racist as white people or any other race. Two we as black people are greedy as hell. Just think about it. So many people are upset that he married a white women. Why? If you love yourself and love being black so much you wouldn’t care who he’s married to. If you’re a male, it means more black girls for you. If you’re a female you wouldn’t want him anyway because he wouldn’t be happy with you. My guess is this, y’all secretly hate being black. The men wish they had his wife and the women wish they had him. The reason y’all angry is because you deep down view yourselves the same way society views us. And you get validation of self worth from others. If you truly loved being black it wouldn’t matter what tim Duncan or any other athlete does because their preference wouldn’t define your own or the black communities self worth. This is the sole reason why we can’t get ahead. Because we truly don’t love ourselves. If we’re in our own community we destroy it and make excuses why. Then when we leave we feel like we’re above where we came from. Then when one of us gets successful we can’t wait to tear us down. We’ll sell each other out for a dollar. Basically my point is, the problem ain’t white people or Tim Duncan. The problem is us and being honest about how we really view ourselves.

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