Amber Rose Removes Wiz’ Face Tattoo – Who’s Next?

amber rose wiz khalifa tattoo removed

Amber Rose is trying to forget Wiz Khalifa by removing him permanently from her body.  She’s already been jumping from D to D, and has come out saying that she is officially mashing Machine Gun Kelly.

amber rose wiz khalifa tattoo removed 2

Looking to remove all trace of Wiz from her life (except ya know, having the whole kid thing), Amber has been spotted leaving Dr. Tattoff’s with a massive bandage covering where the Taylor Gang rapper’s goofy smile used to be.


  1. This why i wo.t get no girls name or body tatooed on me relationships dont last who thought amber and wiz was going to last anyway they was just gonna enjoy the moment how can yiu make a relationship qwith a dyke anyway and wizs a stoner and possibly bisexual yeah we knew they wasnt going to last

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