Amber Rose Pushing Son To Be Gay?


It wasn’t too long ago that Amber Rose was putting lipstick on her son, and now, she’s back at it again with the foolishness.

The self-proclaimed slut posted a video of her three-year-old Sebastian getting a pedicure at a nail salon.

In the video posted to Instagram, Amber asks her son which color he’s going to paint his nails, and he replies, “Orange!”

Her comment section got lit up with people dragging the former stripper for “pushing” her son to be gay.

She’s raising that kid wrong

Smh!! Sick shit. Im almost 100% sure this boy aint asking for no damn polish. Let him be a BOY. He’ll be the next Caitlyn Jenner. All confused.

Thats what happend when two confused people have a baby…..Now they want to confuse the innocent child and use society as an EXCUSE…I guarantee that lil boy aint said nothing about going to get a pedicure ……#gaybaby smh

Amber tried to pass off the pedicure as a way for Sebastian to express himself through his “creativity.” Peep the video:

Is she out of line?


    • I didn’t vote for Obama.

      I’m not naive enough to think that voting for the president actually f****** matters.

      You know what does matter? Money. Politics is bought, not voted on.

    • Now watch, a few years from now when the same kid comes out wanting to be a trans, everybody will swear up and down he came by the decision himself and wasn’t brainwashed by his momma. Just like all the other eight and 9 year old little boys talking about they want to be girls. At 8 a child shouldn’t even know what sex organs are, besides for going to the bathroom.

      It’s sick. these radfem liberals claim to be raising their child “gender neutral” but that always means making little boys act like girls. they say, “Oh mommy will love you no matter what you choose to do.” but anytime they do something traditionally male its discouraged, anytime they want to do some girly shit its praised to no end. eventually the child learns what gets mommy’s approval and starts behaving like a female. It’s basically operant conditioning/brainwashing. We need to start calling this b.s. what it actually is, child abuse.

  1. Before all the “mother bashers” get started please allow me to ask a few questions & make a comment or two.

    First & foremost….WTF was this boy’s father Wiz Khalifa when this ignorant tramp had their son at A ??NAIL SALON GETTING HIM A PEDICURE THAT INCLUDED POLISHING HIS TOES ORANGE???? May we all start there if we’re going to seriously gossip about this negligent ass mother who should have her child removed from her custody?

    If ANY one of the mothers here on HSK no matter where we live, no matter what our profession, no matter what our educational background & financial status is did something as wretched as this CPS would be on our doorsteps accompanied by the police ready to remove the child from our care. The same salon who provided the service on her son at her request is the same damn salon who would call CPS on us…but not before we paid them.?

    • I see your point, but how do we know that Wiz hasn’t tried to get custody of his kid? I know that especially in the state of California, the liberal state, custody battles are very difficult and almost ALWAYS go to the mother. If Wiz wants custody of his son, he’s gonna have to step his shit up.

      • I remember him & his mom tried a while back, showed the judge pics of ambers dog shit filled yard saying it wasn’t safe for bash and amber still kept custody.

    • Yep! He has already been exposed to something odd and abnormal. With a mother like her and a father in the industry he has seen some ish

  2. I’ve seen wiz n a few pics w black nail polish on, and have you seen some of his outfits? He didn’t say anything about the baby n the wig or lip stick pics and I don’t think he’ll be saying anything about his mani/pedi. Sad but true.

  3. If she was still poor and working at the Strip Club, I doubt she’d be encouraging little man to participate in these different forms of expression. I’m not saying it’s right, but there are far too many example of queers, etc.., getting abused, beat up and unfortunately killed. Luck for him he’s sheltered to some degree.

  4. We used to live in a time when people were happy for couples who became pregnant. Now we worry and with good reason to.

  5. Since when is a mani/pedi gay? I know many upper class dudes who get them once a month. Nail polish no, but care of the feet and hands is a good thing as long as you can afford it.

    I don’t think she wants him to grow up gay…that is a hysterical over reaction. Plus the fact, statistics show that gay people almost never beget gay children. Most gay parents’ kids grow up to be straight.

    • That is a baby not a grown ass man he don’t need no f*cking manicure and pedicure! Amber is way out of line with this shit smh I feel for the next generation

    • I hardly believe that having gay parents does not f*ck up someone mentally.

      There is not enough research to say that with certainty and I would not believe any BS that states otherwise.

      Too many factors go into one’s mental health state, that I could hardly believe this would not affect some children.

  6. Hate the evil wench..I can’t stand anyone that abuses children and what she’s doing is abuse in my book..she and Charlize Theron can go jump off the nearest bridge.

  7. Oh no. She is turning into the next Charlize Theron turning her kid out to the industry paedos. He’ll soon be wearing pink errthing and getting a blonde ponytail. Pray for Bash ?????

  8. Shes Hollyweird and tryna push the gay agenda like Charlize, Adele and Will Smith do with their kids. Someone should file a report simply for the fact that Bash is 3, still puts his fingers in his mouth when his emotions are heightened and will now taste nail polish which is poisonous. I hate society.

    • Oh honey…please believe a little birdy who knows her is the questioning who it is to report several issues about her parenting style to as we speak. Apparently there are some other oddities going on as well.

      • Do you read Crazy Days And Nights? Enty said last year that her and Chyna are piss poor parents. Allegedly, Chyna gives Kairo codeine to put him to sleep when shes “entertaining” and Amber kisses and rubs up on women in front of Bash.

          • Most cape verdians are not black. They will drop kick you if you call them that. I’ve seen ambers mom. She doesn’t look black & she doesn’t ID as black either

            • You’re an idiot. Cape Verdeans are West African! They are Senegalese/Portuguese hybrids and certainly identify as African. People are so f*cking stupid on the internet.

              • Sarah lives in Africa so unless you do too…you are the idiot for making assumptions on what these people believe they are.

                Shit you have nig…in amerikkka blacker than pavement who do not believe they are black, so it is possible there are some Africans who do not believe they are black.

              • Who says all Africans are BLACK. Go to school kiddos! Ask the egyptians if they’re black also. They will whoop your ass for even suggesting that they are abeed.

              • Ambers own “cape verdian” family didn’t go to her wedding because she was marrying a black dude. But stand on top of a building fighting for their right to be called black. Go on.

              • Cape Verdeans are people of color JUST LIKE AFRICAN AMERICANS. They are a mixture of many different ethnic groups and the MAJORITY have African ancestry …descended from the intermarriages between the Portuguese settlers and black Africans.

                And since when aren’t Africans BLACK????

                No, they are not AFRICAN AMERICAN, but they are indeed BLACK. Quit with the bullshit.

              • Per usual Mama gets it right.

                Anyone can see that Amber is an amalgam of ethnicities and one of those is African.
                YES, she is light as a white person, but check her body type: West African as can be. Skin color is not the only factor in determining phenotype.

  9. Ain’t just get rid all these celebs cross dressing their kids Tia mowry supports it well they legalized gay marriage and society supported gay and trans rights what the hell you expect

    Hey America voted

  10. Amber dyke ass black chyna dyke ass and both are proud to be sluts Rob wants to marry chyna joke my

    Wiz getting high somewhere drug addict my takes stoner music hangs with snoop who is a stoner and snoops role models dolomite, max Julian, Richard Pryor, and George clinton all known drug addicts and think they was pimps

  11. Im not shocked… Its her child she’s a celebrity they are a different race than human…. Understand this,this world revolves around gay and misunderstanding 60% of the world is gay and 90% of the world is promoting it

    • Umm, try 5% maximum.

      60% of the world is accepting of gays and lesbians, unlike the people here.

      Most of real people are live and let live.

      • Uh no, try the majority of the world still thinks fags are garbage who are an infection on society.

        All that live and let bullshit is a part of the making wrong shit right and right shit wrong, proving we are coming into the last days.

  12. She’s just doing this to piss of the dad, that’s all. This bitch is another damaged nut who doesn’t give a damn about her action, nor their fallout. Hopefully if Whiz is lucky, he can try to get custody of his son or else he’s gonna have to contend with this whore and her stupid antics. It’s just a shame that women, especially these celebrity women use their children as pawns against the fathers all over petty bullshit.

    • This has got to be the slowest gossip site on all of the Internet here lately. Something is going on that’s causing this.

      • Seriously, not even a single word about that “selection that was disguised as an election” yesterday. HSK is really slacking on their pimping. Something is not right….?

        • I got a quick word on that…

          If you want to leave the US quickly, teach English abroad. The pay isn’t hot, but the cost of living is really low.

          Australia is also always looking for people, and they pay very well (even for jobs that aren’t so hot). Canada too (if you can stand the cold).

          • AUSTRALIA?! LMAO!!!! Let me tell you something. The white people who hated that black South Africans got freedom from apartheid, all ran to AUSTRALIA. I’m shocked that black americans want to live there. It is a hellhole.

            • No we do NOT want to go to a penal colony! Do not base anything based on some random post, please.

            • I don’t buy your bs about SA, but frankly, I don’t care either. The US is a shithole too. Who cares? Australia is huge, and there’s only 23 million people there. It’s much easier to avoid CAC pieces of shit.

              You claim (I *know* you’re not) to be in SA, which is worse than an American going to Australia to temporarily exploit good pay and sunshine. You could be anywhere in Africa, but you *choose* a place infested with CACs. Your opinion is garbage. Try moving to Ghana.

              • I didn’t choose. I was born here and my life is really not terrible. Let me keep my mouth shut though. Trump is your president, not mine, I shan’t be worrying myself about this.

              • You even think I’d lie about living in South Africa. For what reason? This is my home and I LOVE it. It’s the home of my ancestors some of who fought against apartheid. They fought for a lot of what I have today. I owe it to them to stay. It has its faults but I’m not leaving.

        • LOL “slackin on their pimpin”, yeah I fully agree with you on that one. There needs to be more writers/admins on this website. I’d volunteer if I had the time.

      • Yeah and compared to how this place was like 3 or 4 years ago, things are definitely slow around here.

  13. What is wrong with these retarded clowns they all should just go kill themselves.

    • He has his mother’s eyes. Plus, he’s being raised by this bimbo.

      Even a Magic City stripper could do a better job. Most of them would have their child in a good private school at 2.

      This is what happens when you marry the enemy.

  14. Her child, her rules.

    Like she clearly posted, she is encouraging CREATIVITY! Smdh lmaooooo

    • I don’t know why so many of you are obsessed with unclassifying people from their chosen “white” classification. Kardashians, Ambers mom. Mariah. Its creepy.

      • It seems that you believe it’s some kind of honor for them to be “classified as white.” I beg to differ as black people have populated the world and influenced it with it’s rich heritage, culture and class. Too many folks, though, are convinced that white ice is always colder. Shame.

        • That’s the thing, I don’t believe being white is honourable. I believe that many of us are so ashamed of blackness that we think if we include people who aren’t really black into our race, we’ll be better off. We have low self image that way. Why arent the people who already look black enough for us? Why must we also include Amber, her mom, mariah even when they EXPLICITLY say they’re not black?

          • Makes no difference what a lot of them “say” or call themselves.

            A lot of folks are running around here claiming to be something other than what they really are because (a) THEY have low self esteem and (b) they think it will help them economically in terms of appealing to a wider audience and the like.

            Black people “passing” is nothing new. Many blacks did it back in the 40s, 50s and 60s because they believed they could get farther, quicker if they didn’t have to deal with the stigma of being black.

            Even in modern times, Tiger Woods emphatically stated he wasn’t black when he clearly is. This nutty ninja is so out of touch with reality that he deemed himself as a “Caublanasian,” or Caucasian, Black and Asian.

            He is too damn dumb to know he is considered a golf phenom because he is BLACK and can/could play the sport.

            It’s akin to saying “I have Indian in my family.”

            I do agree with you that we as a people need to practice EXCLUSION. Because in the worlds of Malcolm X, “Everybody that’s your color ain’t your kind.”

          • I do not agree with the low self image BS. Because society conditions people into believing what beauty is, that is what warps people images of beauty.

              • So you believe through overt and covert messages over a lifetime, f*ck a lifetime since the origins of society, a person’s thoughts cannot be altered? …GTFOH.

                It is called conditioning & programming research it.

    • Amber’s mixed and does not identify as black. Shes a white throwback baby. Shes aging like coleslaw which is unheard of in the black community. Black people will just about claim half blacks like Zendaya but will cling on to the Ambers, Mariah Careys and Adriana Limas smh.

  15. I don’t want a stranger touching me – not on the toes/feet or hands in the name of beauty or whatever. And I sure don’t want a ESL person talking in their language ABOUT me while they are doing it! I avoid nail ‘salons’ at all costs and those costs are expensive on top of it.

    • The good ones where they do not need to wear masks are expensive.

      If anyone is paying over $10 @ one of the ones you mentioned, is a f*cking fool.

    • I agree with u 11:27am
      Most if not all have statues of their gods with fruit baskets in there

  16. White people love emasculating black men. Amber is white.. But if whiz don’t have the kid I guess he has to go to the nailery with mom. Lol. Smh. He’s not going to know how to change a tire but know how to twerk. Poor kid.

  17. Unless she’s forcing him to do anal and suck dicks, how the hell is she forcing him to be gay? If lipstick and nail polish isn’t preventing women from being lesbians, how the hell is it going to make a man like dick? I’m sorry, but niggas worry about the most f*cked up shit. We have all kinds of masculine Black men doing jack shit day in and day out but standing on the corner and hollering at everything that goes by. Masculinity is useless if the strength to persevere and take care of your damn self isn’t included with it.

  18. 3 year old boy ” knowing how to twerk”……..lolllllllllll

    If these aint the last days…….( sipping my tea)

  19. I don’t think she’s trying to turn her son ‘gay’. What she’s going for is androgyny, an ancient esoteric belief that people should embody both genders. Probably a sorcerer.

  20. She just mad she a slut.and picked wrong men in her life…she taking out her bitterness on the lil boy shes sick and purposefully destroying that kid. Many hoochies act this way.I don’t feel bad for whiz he chose a harlot to have kids with

  21. The older that boy gets, the more and more he looks like that Limo Driver. In 10 years, when his features take full shape, they’ll be no denying it.

  22. The child is dzoomed…there’s tons of pics with Wiz suspect ass wearing nail polish! Amber is the type of dirty bish that would put a strap on for Kayne and Wiz! Most of these rappers are “trapped in th closet”! Sadly these kids end up being “Phucked” up in the middle of this isht!!!

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