Amber Rose Lied About Kanye “Butt Play”? – Truth Revealed In Interview

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In a recently released interview Amber Rose says she never does “butt stuff with dudes” and was probably lying when she put Kanye West on blast for licking to have his bottom region played with.

By now you are familiar with what has been maybe the biggest hashtag of 2016 so far #KanyeAnalPlaylist which came after Yeezy took shots at Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose, on Twitter saying “You let a stripper trap you…I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.”

Kanye’s ex, Amber, fired back with a tweet that nearly broke the internet, “Awww @kanyewest are u made I’m not around to play in ur a**hole anymore?  #FingersInTheBootyA**B**ch.”  Then West tried to deny he was into any rear-end play, but that only made things worse as the #KanyeAnalPlaylist exploded across social media.

kanye ass play 2

kanye ass play

On the Guys We F**ked podcast that was released Friday, but recorded before the recent Twitter drama, Rose tells the hosts that she never does anything with guy’s butts in the bedroom.

Host: Have you ever done butt stuff with dudes?
Amber: No
Host: You never licked a guy’s a**hole, you never licked a guy’s a**hole, Amber Rose?
Amber: Listen to me, I don’t do ‘doo-doo crimes.’

She then tells a story how she made a joke to a friend about them eating some a**, and how she actually thinks it’s disgusting, “I feel like guys don’t wipe their a** properly, that’s just my thing.”

kanye west amber rose butt play

On the podcast, which as mentioned, came out Friday, but was recorded prior to Muva’s Kanye-killing #BodiedByAStripper tweet, the former stripper is open about her past with Wiz Khalifa, and how she transitioned from an unknown beauty to a social media superstar.

Rose talks candidly about her sex life, and that’s how the conversation of “butt play” came about, but (pun fully intended) it seems she may have been lying about Ye’s fetish and was probably just retaliating for his tweets about her kid.


    • Yup! Not buyer her lying ass spin. Dudes don't wash their balls either, but I bet that hasn't kept her from chokin on thousands of dycks.

  1. cha ching!!! Amber will be going on a very ex$$pen$ive shopping trip come Monday.

  2. Phonecalls were made and lives were threatened. Someone exposed the fact that Ye got f*cked by a Donkey to get "up in them circles" so i don't put anything past him.

  3. What do think was going on with Bruce and Kris…she was using a strap-on ..
    What will make a man stick around ll those years……?

  4. How convenient she discussed the exact thing in the interview recorded "before"
    What a joke. Who controls this bulls

  5. Usually the initial comment is the truthful comment. It's a guttural reaction that comes from pain, retaliation, whatever. I don't think she is backtracking per se, but if she is trying to spin, it's only because she has come to realize just how much her comment hurt him and expose certain aspects of his sexuality he still guard from the public. After this he might try to get some agreement with her to stop talking about his sex life, for a price of course.

  6. We all know that Kanye loves finger in the butt. He took his bashing too far by dragging an innocent boy into an adult drama. So she was forced to let out one of his many secrets she has in her hands. #facts #don'tbedeceived again

  7. Fuck kanye and his ego he can dissbthe world and brag about what a top notch producer he is and how he changed or saved hip hop thought he was a god comparing himself to Disney, shakespeare , Steve jobs,and Howard Hughes how the f*ck can he say blacks are slaves to corporations when he's comparing himself to these same so called white masters how can he diss Nike but shake hands with adidas and who designed his clothes with the holes in them I mean who's gonna pay 800 for a f*cking shirt with holes

  8. Thank you for telling the truth.. How can Kayne speak about Amber, when he married a PORN star and a whorer.. Ummm he sung the song 18yrs and now he's living that dream.. He should be worried about his designer lover Ricardo or whatever his name is.. She should never speak on anymore child, because he has two by a straight up whorer..

  9. Only difference between Kim and amber is that Kim came from money other than that she's just as skanjy and nasty as amber

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