Amber Rose Wonders Why She & Kim K Get Judged, But Beyonce Doesn’t

amber rose beyonce kim kardashian

Amber Rose is still in her feelings after everyone dragging Kim Kardashian after she posted that nude selfie. But now, Amber has gone too far by dragging Beyonce into hers and Kim’s ho tactics, and labeling it all a double standard.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Amber says:

“It’s bullsh*t, and this is the thing: They come at me and Kim so hard because I was a stripper and she had a sex tape. So if we could sing, it would be OK if we were on stage half-naked. We all love Beyoncé, but she’s on stage half-naked and twerking all the time, yet people say, ‘oh, she has talent so she’s able to do that.’ We don’t have the talent that Beyoncé has, so we get criticized as former sex workers, but at the end of the day we’re just women — we’re all women — and we should all embrace each other. No one is greater. We’re all the same. So, to criticize us as incapable of being smart businesswomen because Kim has a reality show and I’m a socialite and we don’t sing is stupid. We’ve both been in movies, and we take our acting, business ventures, and everything else very seriously, “

Did this bitch say she’s a socialite? HAHAHAH!

The difference between Beyonce and Kim and Amber is Bey isn’t getting f*cked on camera, and she isn’t getting $1 stuffed down her G-string at a dusty Philly strip club.

Welp, Amber just sealed her fate. She must not realize the BeyHive will scalp whatever hair she has left on her head. She must have forgot what they did to Mike Epps on Super Bowl Sunday!

UPDATE: Just as expected, the BeyHive is all over this one. It got so bad for the baldheaded ex-stripper, she had to send out a tweet to ask for mercy!


  1. Beyoncé may not be as much of a whore as Amber nor a "Super Whore" as KK but she soul her soul so her boat is sinking right along with them. They all are trash.

  2. I would never let Amber white loose as a goose ass throw shade on the African Queen Bee???? signed a north philly chick. Amber getting too comfortable now ? see what happens when you let white ppl in the door?

  3. If you had to pick between Caitlyn Jenner and Wendy Williams, who would you choose? Death is not an option!

  4. Did Amber just refer to herself as a SOCIALITE?….. For Real?….. I guess there are some perks to stripping….. Almost got me contemplating changing careers….. NOT

  5. Oh how sweet lemon head is taking up for Kim they must of paid her a lot of money to not let no more of Kanye secrets out because now this girl can't stay out of Kim's ass.

    • Yes she got paid to shut up and ride for the trash klan of white witches and their down low crispy butt boy.

  6. Amber go in the house, lock the doors, draw close the blinds, order everything delivery- food, clothing, medicine, etc,,,,, and hope they keep believing that wiz is the father.

  7. I'm tired of this heifer trying to justify herself and the Thot squad. I think it's just a tactic to convince herself and the rest of the world that she is relevant. I think her and RayJ should get together since they suffer from the same affliction…cantstopnamedroppinititus.

  8. Oh poor big butt dumb dumb, both she and Kim became known from being on their back. She is just fishing for controversy.

  9. Beyonce twerks and shows her snatch, Kim sexes on tape, Amber twerks and shows her snatch. There are no differences between these women other than one having some singing talent and the other two do not. Showing snatch for profits has worked for all three and that is the truth.

  10. Unfortunately, white owned urban websites (Not this one) will continue to publish stories about Kim K, Amber Rose, Draya and Black Chyna and oither hoes! The only suggestion I have to my fellow brothers and sistas is to ignore these type of hoes! You do realize that bitches like Amber Rose get constant media attention because they're being used to influence black women to become hoes. They're also being used to trick black men into lusting after dirty, loose sluts! To put it in layman terms, Amber Rose and Kim K are being used to destroy the black race! The faster we figure that out, the better off the black race will be!

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  11. Amber proudly brags about being a slut and tells young girls its OK to be a whore and sell p*ssy her, and Kim will never have a stable rekationship or black chyna another lesbian who proudly brag about sleeping with men and women

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  12. If you cant see through beyonces facade of perfection and how all threee of them chicks birds of a feather… . Then I have some bridges I need to sell you..

    • Hating much? Beyonce sings like a bird and dances like a champ, in high heels. those other hoes are cum buckets.

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