Alexis ‘Mary Jane’ Miller’s Unpaid Production Dues Exposed



Ratchet AND Broke!

HSK Exclusive – The woman who became the nail in the coffin for Kirk Frost’s 15-year marriage to Rasheeda may have the goods to bust it open for those willing to jump in, but aspiring rapper Alexis “Mary Jane” Miller doesn’t seem to have the $1,500-bucks to cover the cost of her music video. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Wilkens Owens III.

We’re told Gemz Multimedia’s Wikens Owens shot the video almost two-months ago, on May 20th. That’s before Mary ‘Jump-Off’ Jane reportedly offered to pay him back in a not so conventional form. Now, dude’s left still waiting for his check. Know why? Because Cash is King. Don’t you agree?

Here’s the drop:

“Mary Jane tried to barter sex with Wilkens Owens for exchange for his time shooting and editing the video. Wilkens is a gay dude so he turned down her offer.”


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