Al Sharpton Keeps Blunts, Blues & Bomb$hell$ On Deck … Just Ask Aisha McShaw!

Al Sharpton Mistress Aisha McShaw Exposed

HSK Exclusive – The worth of one We$tche$ter woman is a number Al Sharpton’s proven to have no problem with meeting. Know why? Our tipster tell us the married 59-year-old civil rights activist is still mackin’ hard on 35-year-old Aisha McShaw, reported to often join the good ‘blue-popping’ Rev. in blazin’ blunts! Just ask Machine Gun Kelly!

Al Sharpton Machine Gun Kelly Party

That night would be Puffy’s NYE bash in Miami. It’s an event we’re told adds to the list of black tie affairs — including the White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama’s holiday party and the Congressional Black Caucus dinner — where ‘Viagra-vetren’ Sharpton has proudly paraded McShaw.

Though we don’t know much about Aisha McShaw, we can tell you — she’s reported to be a ‘personal stylist’ and appears to have close ties with Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique.





Here’s what a source says about Rev. Al’s latest jump-off:

“He has declined to publicly say anything about it for both the large age difference and the fact that he’s still married, despite being separated from his wife [Kathy Lee Jordan] in 2004.”

Did Al Sharpton first hook-up with his second [and current] wife, while he was still married? Of course.. Just ask Marsha Tinsley.