Al Jarreau Dead at Age 76

al jarreau

Just days after announcing he was retiring from touring after being hospitalized for exhaustion, jazz singer Al Jarreau has passed away.

The artist died at the age of 76 in a Los Angeles hospital on February 12th. His manager, Joe Gordon, released the following statement
Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

Al Jarreau passed away this morning, at about 5:30am LA time. He was in the hospital, kept comfortable by Ryan (his son), Susan (his wife), and a few of his family and friends.

Ryan and Susan will hold a small, private service at home, for immediate family only. No public service is planned yet, but I will inform you if that changes.

Ryan asks that no flowers or gifts are sent to their home or office. Instead, if you are motivated to do so, please make a contribution to the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music, a wonderful organization which supports music opportunities, teachers, and scholarships for students in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. A donation page is here. Even if you do not plan to contribute, please list that page and give yourself a few minutes to watch a beautiful tribute video that Wisconsin Public Television produced to honor Al when he received his lifetime achievement award in October.



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  2. “Exhaustion” is PR speak for addiction issues(as everyone knows.) He seemed a bit long in the tooth for that, but I guess it has been a lifelong battle.

    I loved his music, RIP Al. You are in peace now.

    And for Stephen above^^^ Give it a rest hon. Al was a sick old man. I swear before God, you are as bad as the people who said that Maya Angelou’s death at 87 was a “sacrifice” for Oprah.

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