Akon’s Wife versus Akon’s Jump-Off

Akon’s “legal” wife, messaged one of his jump-offs about being in her home while she’s in African on a vacay. In the message, Akon’s wife threatens to beat the girl ass if she ever came to her home again and more.

See below (courtesy of Fameolous)!


  1. Akon is playing his self. Because any woman that lets you cheat or have other females, dont love you at all. None of them woman love him, and he never will find the one that does if he keeps all these Gold diggers around. Cause if my man was in any house with a female, I would drop his ass forever!

    • shut up.

      Akon has declared that he is NOT a believer in monogamy. He believes in polygamy.

      whether he believes that they love him is irrelevant.

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