Akon Performed In a Plastic Suit In Congo To Avoid Ebola

Akon Bubble

Akon gave away 60,000 concert ticket to his fans in Africa and then donned a huge plastic protective bubble to avoid contracting Ebola from them.

Akon considers Africa to be his home, so he was thrilled to make a homecoming to perform for fans in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When the “Locked Up” lyricist finished serenading thousands of attendees, he exited the stage to engage in some crowd surfing, but not without his bubble.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Akon wore a plastic suit in his concert an effort to bring peace to the city of Goma, which many refer to as the most dangerous city in the world.”


  1. I believe the Ebola disease was created to completely destroy tge African/Black race there in Africa and here at home. They’ve been plastering the black dude Duncan all over tge news as the posterchild for the disease

  2. I know Akon looks crazy but that’s some deep love for you people when your willing to perform in a plastic bubble. And there’s cure for the Ebola disease the usa government decided to send it late so that Ebola could take time to spread in Africa. They are really trying to destroy the African/Black race.

    • Ebola been around since 1976. Some African nations lack necessities we take for granted…Clean Water, Plumbing, Hygiene. Viruses thrive in tropical climates, we need to remember this fact of life… No Conspiracy This Time Sis!!!

      • Tyrone.

        IF Ebola has something to do with unsanitary conditions, why is it that Ebola was not around during the dark ages when the Bubonic plague was ravishing Europe?

        Ebola started off as a disease that was transmitted from fruit bats to other animals in tropical climates, people ended up getting infected with the disease by eating animals that were infected with the Ebola, when the powers that be found out that this disease could be used as a biological weapon they hit the ground running by experimenting and putting a plan together to wipe out the undesirables just like they did with HIV/AIDS.

        It’s a book out called Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional by Lenord Horawitz the book is an eye opener and a must have for anyone interested in knowing the truth about both diseases…………………beware might have to purchase a medical dictionary as a reference guide with the book

        • Animals are eaten in some parts of Africa, this is tru. A frfriend of mine from waaay back told me that his family ate cow brain for Sunday Dinner all the time. I’ve heard of some folk eating chimpanzees, lions, and other wild game. Again, desperate times cause desperate behavior. Not discounting the conspiracy theories in totality, but, we still here. AIDS spread in Africa because brothas thought using a condom was a plot by whitefolk to end them. Spurred on by the Catholic Church, and now untold numbers of blacks have died senseless deaths. Infrastructure is life and death. US Military racing against time to build clinics in Liberia. Nigeria is coping better, Why? Nigeria is more modern and is swimming in petro dollars… See The Difference? Money Is A Major Issue, Please Believe! Thanks for the tip, Appreciate It!!!

          • think the high HIV/AIDS rate in Africa was propelled by forced immunizations laced with the virus disguised as polio vaccinations, and then infected syringes reused for immunizations ( back when they used to reuse glass syringes. the forced immunizations laced with the disease are probably still going on.

            the late William cooper revealed in ” behold a pale white horse” that the powers that be infected condoms and dropped them off in Africa, being that mr. cooper was on point with a lot of his theories ( and even killed for exposing them) he provided a lot of documentation to back him up, I think the infected condom theory could be possible and a reason why so many were scared to use the condoms, but heck the virus has gotten so out of control that I doubt that tactic is still being used on the people, the vaccinations are way more subtle.

        • If you compare bird flu and any other H1 flus in Asia to Ebola in Africa then Ebola has taken out more people hands down, which means the CDC told a bold face lie when they said Ebola is less dangerous.

      • As black people, please understand that Africa is swimming in billions, but, the people are being ill-served by those in power. Africans have wasted a lot of time and energy hating America, when this country has the technology to eradicate the plague of disease among our kinfolk. All the hype about global warming, yet, few are talking about clean water, electricity, hospitals, food inspection, etc. Got a bunch of black african billionaires from petro wasting pesos on Porsha and Kenya… This Is The Problem! General Electric could solve all of this by itself, but sellouts s**t on the people, spend dough in London and Paris. We going in circles, Obama is dazed and confused. Ignored Africa for 6 years… IT SHOWS!!! APPRECIATE THE FEEDBACK!!!

  3. Now that is one thing Akon will do is give back. I did talk to my neice’s cousin who happens to Akon’s wife first cousin. He said Akon asked Meka to come with him to Africa. Meka said, “Hell no! Me and kids are fine! U go over there and when U come back U make damn sure U take your ass to the damn doctor and the CDC!”” Boy we fell out laughing at Meka’s comment but she was right. It just how the way she said made it so funny.

    • Well it is necessary in these times. How long will he have to be quarantined?

    • Yup, that’s their plan. It’s actually already in progress. Texas anyone…

  4. Ebola is the least thought to my worries right now. The real issue is Isis, in my opinion.

    • Then you are a dumb ass. ISIS is the just the new enemy of the month created and funded by the West initially. Seriously, how dumb are some of you Americans? The government used ISIS as an excuse to go into Syria – something that Americans wouldn’t let Obama do a few years ago. He pulled the troops out of Iraq too soon on purpose. This allowed ISIS to gain the power they have in Iraq, and so he used this as an excuse to go back over there and into Syria so he can eventually take out Assad. You should be afraid of your government and Ebola. Why has the dumb African in office not stopped flights coming in from West Africa? CDC just arrived at Newark Airport and had to remove a sick man from Liberia and his daughter off of the plane. All the other passengers are being kept isolated as well. Again, why is the dumb African in office wanting to infect Americans with this shit so bad? Find some brain cells and think! ISIS is slaughtering dumb ass white people that have the nerve to show up to film them over there. They know not to act up in the States like they do in the Middle East – they would be annihilated! Ebola does not discriminate. Whites and blacks are getting the disease and now it is here because that dumb jackass won’t stop those selfish ass Africans from spreading it by coming over here for treatment and putting more of our people at risk.

      • Both issues are deadly, let’s not kid ourselves. Ebola is bioterror at its worst, ISIS is, the worst horror flick come to life. Africa is in the crosshairs of both. Black Musllims can miss me with the bulls**t. Them sand crackers have f**ked up our race back home. Tired of so-called educated blacks defending their Satanic asses. Do you stay abreasts of what goes on in Africa? This ish is deadly serious, the bs be damned. Europe created the Middle East and poverty in Africa… The Cold Hard Facts! Pray that this virus does not multiply on either side!!!


  6. Pedo or not this dude really has a heart because he didnt this concert for the money or attention. I was in a hookah bar across the pond and dude was in some Bollywood artist’s video(dont know the name, he had on all white). My friend and I had our mouth’s open, this was beyond crossover appeal. Who does that besides Akon?

        • Ha. I just read that Akon said this is a rumor and the bubble has been apart of his act before the ebola scare. I would use it during flu season.

  7. Ebola is already in texas i believe brought from the doctor who was over seas. time to wake up

  8. Yep. Ebola is here and this is all done for a reason. They quarantine people with Hep C but they allowed Ebola contaminated people to board a plane and fly to America. Please,.. give us more credit than that!

  9. Yesterday I Was Watching ” Martin” I’ve Watched This Episode Before And Just Yesterday It Just Stuck Out Like A Sore Thumb
    The Episode Is Called “It’s Cole’d Outside” And Cole Said Something That Was Quite Odd He Said Something About “Ebola”

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