Adrienne Bailon is Not Impressed by Monique

Adrienne Bailon is feeling some type of way about Monique’s latest rant. Adrienne says just because Monique was loud and disrespectful doesn’t mean she was “keeping it real.



    • wasnt this the bitch that was getting passes around in the industry, every body smashed, and she wants to talk cause she nabbed a married man!!! Bitch stay in yo lane!!! I Can’t stand when hoes wanna comment like they have something important to say… HOES SHOULD BE SHUT AND KEEP STAY IN THEIR LANES..

  1. Well well well, when you were running around with Fabulous, that was keeping it real.. You were always the side chick.. So now that you married a cheater, you consider yourself a real woman.. GTHOOH you married a man with 6 kids, how desperate are you..

  2. She is not wealthy but has some money, net worth is less than 2 millions. More than the loser she married. What is it about these girls who hook up with guys with 2 ex wives and 3 baby mamas, and in his case a bunch of kids. He has to pay child support with her money. On top of that, they ain’t growing old together or sitting in some rocking chair on the front porch. He will see her in court eventually and demand spousal support which will include portions to pay child support. People get desperate but this is outright pathetic.

  3. No one on that show should be giving advice to Monique,especially no talent Miss Lady,are you a comedian,or someone who doesn’t have a spoonful of talent,the other comedians,Thanks for defending Monique! Miss Lady Thinks she is so “Big” she can comment on shit she knows nothing about! Monique is an actress of high caliber,She made “Precious” and everything thing else she was in! Lee Daniels is an overrated shithead,treating Monique like most black men treat black women,had she been white,she would have gotten the respect she deserved,Monique made him,not him making her,she put his ass on the map with her performance! So F— you Lee Daniels,next to her you look like a bitter gay man,who hate women,oh except the Light Skin,or White ones he Ass kiss ! Stay in your lane Lee Daniels! You ain’t shit!

  4. I wish this hoe would shut the fuck up. That’s why your man sticks his dick in any fruity butt hole that comes his way, you stank. Shut the fuck up nasty hoe!

  5. Similar to Ice T’s ex bitch, Darlene, Adrienne Bailon couldn’t make it with her own people. She did what many no talent mexicunts do, run to the black community to make money. Bitch swallowed a few tablespoons of cum and got put on black hollywood. Now she think she a dime because she got on a national tv show? Somebody call ICE and send this bitch back to Mexico!

    • A few tablespoons, more like buckets of it.. It’s always the whorer doing the most..
      She better work because her new hubwife will be using her money..

    • PREACH!!!!! You exposed that non-black agenda! They want to be “down” so bad. You nailed it! That is exactly what they do. Wiggers, Posin neanderthal bitches, weird ass wanna-be posin asians, Mexicunts, and every body else who tries to appropriate our existence.

      Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423).

      • That bitch is half puerto rican & some other south american cunt-ry…

        This MF came with the ice #….lmao & smdh @ the same damn time….

  6. Somebody should stick a wet burrito in Adrienne Bailon’s wet snatch,; how dare she talk about Monique! Black hollywood hating on Monique because she is more talented than everybody else.

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