A$AP Ferg Thinks Ralph Lauren Is A Prophet


A$AP Ferg from the A$AP Mob crew said when he met the billionaire clothing designer Ralph Lauren, he felt like he met God.

A$SP went on say meeting Ralph Lauren was like meeting the prophet Elijah Muhammad.

Here’s what A$SP Ferg had to say about meeting Ralph Lauren:

“It’s like meeting God in the flesh. It’s definitely spiritual. A prophet. He’s like Elijah Muhammad.”


  1. Coons gon’ Coon. I mean, his leader is a grown man who wears skirts and tries to give black women tips on lipstick. ‘Nuff said.


      • @Glok I never knew the Elijah Muhammad was a prophet,more like a prophetess but definitely not a prophet.

  2. This is the result of throwing away your history and your awareness as a generation.

    • Thank you! I was going to comment about how lost young Black people are. Ralph Lifshitz did what most Joos do — change their names to gain acceptance and recognition in a particular industry. Rather than endure the hatred that people would direct towards them based on their religion, they chose to pass. That constitutes self-hatred, IMO. That’s the last thing a Black youth, especially a young Black male, should admire.

    • From the looks of RL he looks Native American, African American, Jewish and Italian. In a way I see what Ferg is saying. I remembered Oprah did a special in his ranch. Goodness gracious! Its something on RL that he gives U a calm vibe. It might just be me, That’s the feeling I am getting from the pic.

      • @ DaRadiant1 If u see all those ethnicities in him “bless your heart” however I bet if u ask him is he white he will say, “U better bet it!” Police pull him over his expiereince will be different from a brother rich or not. Shit, he has been selling over priced clothes before I was born and Im no rookie. Being a billionaire for over 30 years will have ur spirit calm too. The Ferg dude is lost for even speaking on RL in the same train of thought as ANY prophet(not saying Elijah Muhhamad is or isnt).

        • well for people to be buying his overpriced clothes he must be a genius, and i agree with radiant he dosent look “white he looks mixed

    • Sell out uncle toms!!! How many Blacks do you see modeling his bullshit clothes?? SELL OUTS!

  3. Somebody come tell Ass..ap that, God cares about blacks and poor blacks. God doesn’t care about money! I could go on but you know. Now before any fools come in here talking stupid…God dont take people poor, slaves, kill, steal, lie, nor sin…that’s mans doing.

    • In 1993, Beckford was recruited by Ralph Lauren as the front model for the company's Polo line of male sportswear. Polo was one of the first major fashion labels to use african american models let alone a featured one.

  4. Da fuq this Coon just say. And this is why we have to educate the youth, so they don’t go into the world looking and sounding like complete fukin retards (no disrespect to the mentally challenged). Full face palm.

    • ASAP Dumb A$$,

      You should have asked your god/profit Muhammad, to bless you with inverted ears so you can hear how stupid you’re gonna sound before you even open your mouth!

  5. Profit or prophet?

    If the love of money is the root of all evil. Then A$AP equating billionaire Ralph Lauren to being the Almighty makes perfect sense.

    “Beware of false prophets who profiteer from the ignorance of the masses.”

    Using them has slave and tool meanwhile living the luxe life.


  6. The influence that rappers had has waned. Mostly because they are so corny and wack and they rap about nothing. No one is checking for them for fashion, cars etc. They are truly played out

    • thank you! I school my young nieces to LEAVE HIPHOP ALONE cause its gay and they don’t love Black woman and ARE BIG SELL OUTS!

  7. Oh there is a GOD & He’ s a jealous God. Think about that A$$.

  8. We should be able to tell who’s all about the dollar bill and who is serious about their craft. I don’t support no parts of Hollywood but Mr Chris Hemsworth could get it, no he’s not married his relationship was thrown and paste together by tptb for image purposes. It’s just something about that man woo !!

  9. I wish we could put all these coons on a secluded island and leave them there. What an embarrassment to kiss up to a man that has no regards to your people. My goodness, Black folk of today scares me with this thirst of validation.

    Is he on crack? And take your lips of Ralph Laurens butt.
    he dont give a shit about you! FOOL!

  11. Wtf. Really. He said that. I gotta know the source of this one. No one is that f*cking stupid.

    • Who you talking to. Enlighten. What you talking about. Ralph makes cloths. Big deal.

      • Shameful how the zatanist, zionist satanist, turning these koons into bitches and make them dress like bytches too

  12. I wore a fair amount of Polo growing up, but i never put him on a pedestal. It’s the symbolism that brothas obsess over, rich whitebois on arabian stallions… Sport of Kings! Again, too many of us idolize the wrong things in life!

  13. “What should he have said? Please enlighten us on what to say and think.”

    …You can start by acting like a grown man and directly addressing whoever you’re bitching at. Playing cheerleader for a lame rapper who doesn’t know you exist is the lowest of the low, Mr. ‘Real Life.’

  14. Ralph Lauren is the shit, im not big on designer brands but i like ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

    • I love Ralph Lauren housewares. Most of my linens, comforters and towels are Ralph Lauren. I also owned a lot of RL clothes and accessories years ago. With that stated, I would never liken him to the almighty. I love Ralph’s design aesthetic, but God he is not, not by a long shot. That is blasphemous, which is what the majority of the forum is taking issue with. Folks are making me proud on this thread.

  15. They don’t make melaninated bros like myself or in the past anymore. Most of these koons are all products of self-hate that’s been passed on from generation after the next starting with their parents and their parents parents. SMH

  16. The man might have hit him with some bizness wisdom, life wisdom and blew his mind. oh hell! LOL!!

  17. What the f*ck is up with you people? Are you all really this ignorant? Coon this, nigga that, rainbow city, faggot boy, all the rest. Who gives a f*ck? We should know better than to hate on all of our fellow humanity like this. Just because a man is black, or gay, or the fact that he may have made a slight mis-step in his words during a very excited moment meeting one of the biggest fashion icons the world has ever seen, should not make this man or any man/woman a whipping post for bigoted and racist views. Put down the vocal ammo, and find some understanding and empathy in your hearts

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