50 Cent Quits Instagram After Secret Service Investigation

50 cent quits instagram
50 Cent filed for bankruptcy, but he still wants to be able to flaunt his money on Instagram. Too bad companies like Billboard Magazine are standing in the way of his flossin’!

Billboard contacted the U.S. Secret Service to find out if 50 was breaking the law after he testified in bankruptcy court that the racks he frequently flaunts online are fake.


50 posted pictures of him spelling out the word “B-R-O-K-E” with piles of cash, and he admitted the Secret Service is now on his ass!

Instead of getting caught up in even more legal drama, he has decided to quit Instagram completely.








  1. Massa's took his house negro's money. 5O Cent is coon! He called a black woman a black bytch, just because she told the movie exodus was inaccurate!
    Come on. having white men play characters that should be played by black men!

    • 50 is not a coon there are lots of coons (Steve Harvey Chris rock Ben Carson) 50 ain't one of them he's a self made millionaire and a real smart guy

      • Take off the f*cking cape 50 is a coon and a closeted queen. When he "dated" Chelsea Handler that WW comedianne she called him all sorts of names and dissed him said he can't swim and shit. Coon as punk said NOTHING go google it yourself. Self made millionaire don't mean shit if you're a punk ass coon now he's showing who his real master is.

        • …and don't forget the time Erin Andrews CLOWNED this fool live on national tv at that NASCAR event.

  2. I wanna hear 49 and a half diss the IRS the joker even said he's crazy enough to take on batman but the IRS no way

  3. Doesn't look like fake money to me.. How does a person lose 400 million dollars..
    There's a damn fool born every second and 10 pennies is ne of those dumb ignorant men, that can't handle money..

  4. Only a BAN will file for bankruptcy to avoid paying a settlement to a woman he abused. #smh

  5. He is so stupid for showing of that kind of money on the social networks because he's screwed in every ways possible
    -> either the cash is genuine and then the IRS will take him down for having filed for bankruptcy abusively and then he will fall for fraud…
    -> either the cash is false currency and he will fall because it is illegal to detain, to produce false currency, besides the secret service may consider that he may have the intention to spend that forged cash…
    Then he justifies his attitude by hiding behind pictures of homeless black persons for whom he obviously did nothing to help them out of misery… He uses these poor guys for his own profit…
    Another acting pig of the entertainment industry with no morals that's what he is

    • That is phucked up him hiding behind a poor man's pic
      I used 50 but he is a terrible person now

  6. JACKY paging JACKY JASPER are you going to let the goons and e-thugs start using your page to hype TOMMY SOTOMAYOR, himself a closeted homosexual self hating dark skin black man! Talk about all the white penis he sucks, stan! Tommy is a coon and a sell out!

  7. How come everyone BUT HIM knew how this would end? and then people wanna say he's smart …SMDH… he is really gonna end up broke

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