50 Cent Calls Tupac Film ‘Trash’

50 cent tupac film

Everyone’s praising the new Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, except for 50 Cent.

The rapper gave an inclusive review of the film on his Instagram, and he described it as “trash.”

The Jamaica Queens rapper said the film was “some bulls**t” and told people to use their Amazon Fire Sticks to watch it instead SMH.



  1. The trailer didn’t look that good. I won’t pay to see it. Probably a bunch of YTs will go see it to get so-called educated since they like to wear his t-shirts and bump his music even though they have no idea what the man meant to his people.

  2. And so is all my family and friends, they are all disappointed. The won’t get my penny. The Tupac Resurection was good enough for me and also Afini approved.

  3. Afeni died, big syke found dead I wonder why cause they didn’t wanna pay them there was song PAC and syke did called my closest road dawg they took it remixed the beat took syke out put ice cube on it

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