49er Aldon Smith Smashed Colin Kaeperneck’s Car Over A Girl

aldon smith kaeperneck

49er Aldon Smith smashed his teammates car because he stole his girl.

There is a mess of drama in the San Francisco 49ers locker room as Aldon Smith and Colin Kaeperneck fight over a woman.  Smith, was dating Nessa from MTV’s “Guy Code,” and caught major feelings for her.  Then she left the linebacker to get with the quarterback and started dating Kaeperneck.

This led to Aldon falling apart, and eventually getting into an altercation with the team’s quarterback during 49ers training camp.  The fight was all about Nessa, and how she dissed Smith for Colin.

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To cope with the pain, Aldon Smith got wasted and decided to smash up Kaeperneck’s Mercedes as payback for stealing his girl.  That landed Smith in jail and he was charged with a DUI, hit and run, and vandalism.  Then the San Francisco 49ers cut the linebacker because they had to choose between him and Colin, and they weren’t about to get rid of their star quarterback.


  1. He’s gonna punish QB when they meet on the field now I’m ready for some football!……

    • Oooowweeeee…. Me too O-man! This what I am waiting on! I gotta tell Muscle Man about this and he is a 49ers fan too!

  2. Another fatherless Black boy acting out. Damn BM yall seriously need to be raising your sons if you don’t want kids stop raw dogging it this BOY is clearly mentally ill and I bet it steams from childhood and his daddy dropping the ball. His probs are deep and consistant and point to lack of paternal influence. I’m here to flip the script! Woman have babies men need to raise them. Over and over you see these fatherless boys making millions acting like loony toons. Where they daddy at?!!

    • I stand and correct myself! Just read an article stating he had a father who was invovled in his life and he didn’t listen to his father very hard headed I wonder if this boy is mentally slow or special ed

  3. This black man had everything going for him. Aldon Smith destroyed his career and his life over a f*cking hoe! Why can’t black athletes learn from the mistakes other black athletes made in the past? Why couldn’t Aldon Smith think about what that D-list bitch did to Mike Tyson? It pisses me off that black athletes and celebrities make the same f*cking mistakes over and over again!

    • This is what happens when there is little guidance in the home. These guys have heard nothing but “yes” all their lives because of their talent. And suddenly they are flush with money and thrown into a world they know nothing about. At least in the past they had 4 years of college to get a bit of sophistication and emotional growth. Now it’s a straight jump from the hood to the mansion. No bueno.

  4. Breaking news, 49ers cut Aldon Smith! Another black athlete who is unemployed!

    • Cause they know is smart to clam up and let this shit die they not gonna let The Man’s money get messed up due to one monkey in the zoo? One monkey don’t stop the show. You know they got all sorts of people groomed to take his place thats show biz and the nba is fixed haha.

  5. The reason why we hear these stories over and over again is based one part on ignorance and the other part deliberately calculated. Every few months (especially at the beginning of the sports year) every sport has former athletes come in to talk to current athletes about the dangers of promiscuity, finances, gambling and drugs. However, instead of having Antwoine Walker talking about how he lost 100 million, Peter Rose or Michael Jordan talking about gambling, Shawn Kemp about getting repeatedly trapped by women/not wearing condoms, Dwight Gooden or Len Bias’ relatives explaining the dangers of drugs/alcohol, they DELIBERATELY hire C and D level former athletes to come in and speak to these guys. For the most part they are people the current athlete doesn’t know/never heard of, never made an impact in the league or not even close to have made what they currently make. The message is then already distorted before that former athlete even opens their mouth because the current athlete cannot relate to that person. Hence why history constantly repeats itself. The saddest thing is that they NEVER have an athlete who was only in the league a few years (3-5), invested his money wisely and now is a millionaire. These people are around and exist but are never given a opportunity to speak to current athletes. The Leagues bring in their own “financial advisors” to speak and help the athlete out.

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