? VIDEO: Mary J Blige Calls Kendu Issacs’ Side Chick Starshell “Becky With The Good Hair”

In Mary J Blige new documentary, the singer calls her ex husband’s side chick Starshell “Becky with the good hair.”

Watch Mary take a swing at Starshell in the video below:

??? #maryjblige called Kendu's jump-off #starshell, "Becky with the good hair"

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  1. Why does black women give so much praise to white or mix hair. HELLO BLACK WOMEN, we have ”good hair” too. You wouldn’t catch me dead using that stupid, ignorant slogan beyonce or her team made up..

    • I’m a black woman and I don’t interpret the term as praise. The term is more like a mockery of days gone by when black people (not just black women) perceived white hair as good hair because slavery taught us a legacy of self-hatred. If you think Beyoncé’s slogan is “stupid” and “ignorant”, then you may need to do a little self assessment because it seems as if you’re taking it personally.

    • It should be “Becky with the Scalp Fur”. That shit aint hair no ways…. Hell animals have the same texture on their backs, asses and tails.

      • I know right. Or ”Becky with the stringy, dog smelling hair”, lol. I mean come now…she played it too safe. She knows better though or they’ll be on her ass before her head swings.

        • If white hair s so repugnant, why do so many black women go through so much to make their hair look like white hair?

          Stringy? That’s so transparent.

          • @03:31 Are you really fuckin serious with that one??? You do clown much. You take a people off of their land, feed them crap in body, mind and soul and then have the nerve to use some warped psychobabble about psychologically raped so called black people WANTING that smelly dog shit for fur? You got to be kidding. That shit is real funny. HUNDREDS of years of mental programming, indoctrination, propoganda. You edomites aint shit. Only people who want that shit on their heads are those your kind has managed to mindfuck. Yeah, I said YOUR KIND! You gotta be a devil with that kind of illogic nonsense. That shit for fur gets all kinds of fleas and you think you won a prize cause you brainwashed a number of non-neanderthals? GTFOH! Transparent is your butthurt ass up in here trying to change the minds of STRONG minded blacks. Fuck you. Go to TMZ with that bullshit. Yeah, and stay out the rain, Fido!

            Daniel 7:9 – I beheld* till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the PURE WOOL:

            Good hair IS God hair – PURE WOOL

            Run tell dat!

  2. umm some ghetto mess and the people in the theater are there for it. airing out yo business for $$ she been bashing kendu and slapping him upside the head for years, let him live and pay the nigga, u would expect the same mary

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