YUCK! Chris Brown Spits a Sh*tty Freestyle on the Toilet


    chris brown toilet video

    Somebody take Chris Brown’s cell phone PLEASE! The R&B singer had too much time on his hands over the weekend when he decided to spit a freestyle while taking a boo boo!

    ???????? Hope da water don’t ? 2018

    A post shared by ???SILVER AURA? INDIGO CHILD (@chrisbrownofficial) on

    The video has over 2 million views and counting, so apparently his fans love this nasty s**T!


    1. This child is gone I’m sorry but he’s for dead. I’m disappointed bc he’s a talented person and he has the potential to influence others following his career path and become an even more polished entertainer. Exhaustion my ass…Vegan my ass…it’s a crackhead. These dudes out here wildin out bc of that crack and taxes…Tyrese is a crackhead..Watch the signs t

    2. This young man is high on crack.. Crack is a hell of a drug, his teeth looks like a crack addict.
      Somebody please help him..

    3. Didn’t that fuckboi Kevin Mccrazy just threaten Chris and his daughter cause his stupid ass got shot in front of a spot in Watts? C’mon now we ALL know CB could be recording worse things right now..but this is nasty af. STOP IT CHRIS!


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