Young Thug Disrespects Jay Z

Young Thug Jay Z Over 40

Young Thug said in a recent interview with GQ magazine that, he doesn’t listen to Jay Z records. Know why? Because Young Thug said he doesn’t listen to rappers who are over 40 years old.

Here’s what Thugger revealed:

“I don’t want to be 50 years old and rapping, man. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to do that. I’m pretty sure Jay Z don’t wanna rap right now.

If you’re 30, 40 years old, you’re not getting listened to by minors. Like, Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age. By the time I turn that old, I ain’t gonna be doing what he’s doing.”


  1. This Nigga is BRAIN DEAD!! I’m gonna be listening to Motown, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z and ANYBODY else who’s made GOOD music since they started recording it – I DONT CARE HOW OLD THE MUSIC OR THE ARTIST IS!!

    I’m not the biggest JZ fan but I respect what he’s been able to achieve. YThug should be black-listed just because of disrespect!

  2. He’s Absolutely correct. He won’t be doing what Jay is doing when he’s 50. I see a Walmart greeter, or an attendant at an automatic car wash In his future.

  3. So he tells the truth!!! He says “when you are 30 or 40 you are not getting listened to by minors” This sick clown is telling on himself and his Cohorts. They at targeting minors with his subliminal and not so subliminal gay propaganda. I don’t care about him disrespecting jay z, because this admission is Confirmation and should be the real focus of what he said. Furthermore he had diarrhea of he mouth and constipation of the brain. He talks all that shit about being 30 and too old with no voice. But isn’t his rappin baby daddy over 40, and isn’t his nemiss over 30 (lil Wayne). Isn’t the dude he used to gain more recognition over 30 (TI), if I’m not mistaken Nikki minaje is over 30, Isn’t drake 30? Anyone who means anything in the rap industry is over 30. We should have know he was targeting minors because only minors and crash test dummys know what a “itty bitty strip dip”. Maybe Birdman knows what he is talm bout…lol. Anyway being on the label he is on, having a 360 contract paired with digital downloading and shim having a networth Less than 100 grand, this clown will be lucky to make his own funeral on time, cause he will put putting on a concert trying to make ends meet. There is much much more that I could say about this bullshit but I would be older than the person on the picture above when I’m finish addressing them all. These new negros are more stupid than ever.

  4. a ”CAREER” has nothing to do with AGE though lmfao that f*ckin faggot is basically making it clear about what all of us already know: that the majority of retarded pieces of untalented shit are only in the industry because they need to $urvive lol they dont care about actually doing their f*ckin job which is to “entertain the world” smmfh thats why bootleggers bootleg all their shit

    • they must be entertaining you fck bc you talking abt it all as long as you say i cant rap i suck fck all down south music not that you said that bt if you keep talking abt him then he did all the ENTERTAINING he needs to do

  5. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now this is what I call a real wake up call,you 50 rap’en is a young man’s game, please tell me this 50 year old not still rap’en?dont nobody want to hear no 50 year old

  6. Only in rap music there is an age limit or you can’t rap past the age of 40. All of the other genres of music has artists into their 50’s and beyond. This fool needs to stfu and pray his so called career last till the end of this week let alone some years.

  7. It’s just his opinion. It’s not like he’s gonna ruin any careers with that statement. Nothing to get worked up about…at all.

  8. Well I can understand the logic. I’m close to forty and would rather listen to Jay Z than Him, nicki minaj, drake, wiz and these other newbies in the game.

  9. Lol that pic that is supposed to represent an elder Jay-Z is actually well known dance choregrapher and sometimes actor who appeared in the 1973 James Bond film “LIVE AND LET DIE” and who also appeared in the 1980’s in a series of well know 7-UP commercials #GREGORYHOLDER #BLACKHISTORY

    • Ummm, they could’ve used a pic of Jay Z…I just watched a great documentary about Geoffrey Holder (who passed last Oct, age 84) and his beautiful wife Carmen de Lavallade who was an amazing dancer in her own right (partnered with Alvin Alley etc)….He was renaissance man: an actor, painter, dancer etc He was also in Annie, , but my fav was when he played Nelson in Boomerang. Mar-ve-lous!

  10. dont make sense at all he won’t listen to jay z but he’ll rap with bird man smh bird man and Jay z the same age smh

  11. the old heads have to reappear for us to get good music anyway. jay z, missy, dmx. shit if these new corny kids put out quality music then they can talk. paul mccartney, rolling stones, stevie wonder, patti labelle can always do their thing.

  12. he doesnt have to worry about Jay at all becuase at Jay’s age, thugger wont have ANYTHING even remotely close to what or who Jay is/ has..FACT!

    he’ll end up worst than Lil Wayne and thats another FACT

  13. What kills me about this whole “rap is a young mans game” shit is that niggas are not talkin about anything different in rap today than 20 years ago.Niggas are still talkin bout..guns,drugs,hoes,n money. A lotta the slang is the same too so wtf? These new niggas make it seem like its a whole new game and it aint. The only difference is most of these new niggas dress n act like women and the beats are garbage.

  14. He is right. Younger generation is not buying 40 yr old music. Why would they? Hip hop been dead. No real artist left. Jay z is uninspirational and is a broken record. Music has no age limit however hip hip now is garbage. Not winning unless you sell your soul.

  15. doubt young thug’s faggot ass even see 40 if aids don’t take him out first


  16. paul McCartney can go out and still perform and still do sellout shows.

    so can Elton john, ringo starr, and rod stwewart.

    chaka khan and Aretha are still trying to do it.

  17. Young Thug’s reasoning is terribly flawed. a) Birdman is just old as Jay-Z and I am quite sure he will be, if he has not already, be on several records with Young Thug.

    b) Jay-Z is hot and still one of the best; it is not as if 40 and corny.

  18. Yall kill me he didnt diss jayz he jus said he dnt fck with his music shid if all i do is talk abt gangbang Y n the hell wood i want to listen to Jayz he on grown man time thugg on young dumb shit blood this blood that hell yea birdman old bt birdman samething blood this blood that

  19. A booty bandit being an ageist against Jigga! Frank Ocean…Your Thoughts? So, a long career is less important, but, sucking balls and straws is okay…Yeah Negro?

  20. All that music is demonic chanting ….different lyrics different beat same hypnotic effect.

  21. he maybe be irrelevent but the shade he threw is relevent. Jay Z looks a damn fool rappin with turkey neck. If he were so successful he would have moved on to less embarassing business. More legitimate business, talking about, cars and hoes.
    He needs to grow up. He’s psychologically stunted.

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