Young Jezzy Says Khloe K’s NaNa is Beyond Loose!


Mean Mileage?

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Young Jezzy told his homeys that smashing Khloe Kardashian “felt like sticking his manhood into the deep sea.”

We’re told the rapper hooked up with Khloe, back in 2009, when the pair shared a steamy sex session. Now, sources reveal Jeezy isn’t the only one to notice the mileage.

Here’s the drop:

“Rashad McCant, a former NBA player, told me he preferred having anal sex with Khloe. Rashad used to be on the Kardashian’s television show, but they were only using him for press.

Kris Jenner played Rashad, he claims Kris, sabotaged his career.”


  1. When was his career ever lost? He is one of the best rappers in the game. If a female wants to be treated like a lady, she should carry herself; otherwise she will get treated like and talked about like a Hoe!!!

  2. Obviously she was a jump off, we don’t hear about him talking about with his kids mom. Ladies don’t have problems with guys they been with kissing and telling because we have relationships, not casual relations and get mad when we’re treated like hoes.

    • Maybe she just gets super wet like some of us. That can make sex a lot more slippery? So shrug! Just saying

  3. Maybe u dont put up with it because you’re not living that lifestyle. Its a shame when women just cant except that women get treated how they allow themselves to. Maybe she should have kept her legs closed. Her family is full of gold digging hoes so dont act like shes a lady

  4. Girl please, anal sex doesnt make u a hoe its in the numbers. My husband and I had anal sex all the time. Its a part of sex and to each is own. Give your MAN something new, the botj of you might enjoy it!!

  5. All that is speculation. None of you have seen his penis or him use drugs. Your girl could be a liar or have a loose 1 herself. What we know for a fact however is that he hit yo girl and Khloe. Hahaha

  6. What????? Her being like the ocean doesnt mesn he’s small. Why can’t women except that some of these females are hoes!! I mean really, you are defending a Kardashian? What made them famous? And truth be told your dude could be consideted small to a chic taking 11″

  7. True story, real talk. Women talk about men all the time. So it doesn’t bother me when men talk about these hoes. I’m a female and know that if you put yo shit out there messy, then U getting talked about.

  8. Lol he isn’t the only one saying she is loose there is a group of me that hit it and quit it so it’s most definitely that’s canyon of a twat

  9. More likely be suffers from small dick syndrome and had to say something before she did.

  10. Oh shut up! These girls are hoes and hoes get exposed! Especially anal sluts. I knew she likes her pooper pounded. I bet kim thoroughly enjoys it as well. How about you? The way u defend her it seems like youd be mad if someone exposed how much u like ur butt f*cked. Its ok its hot u little anal queen

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