Yikes: Laura Govan Frustrated Over Her Persistent Yeast Infections!

Breaking or Baking Bread??

Before her upcoming feature on Iyanla Vanzant’s  ‘Fix My Life’ series hits the air and shine light on her ongoing issues with her family, Laura Govan plans to tackle a much bigger personal issue that’s been going on below the belt. This, due to her problem with persistent yeast infections.

Watch as she slides through ‘The Doctors” to address the matter:


  1. Seriously? Nobody keeps anything to themselves anymore and no i did not watch the vid. The title alone made me comment.

  2. Nasty bitch. That pussy’s been passed around, and she’s obviously not taking care of herself as she supposed to. A lot of women out here are surprisingly like this. All the Love and hip hop hoes are like this.

  3. ……Ewwww!!!!!….Too much information!!!….She has No Class!!!….Ah well, Gilbert Arenas “broke her heart”….So what do you get, when you cross a yeast infection and an Achy Breaky Heart?….An Itchy Twitchy Crotch!!….This woman has children too, how embarrassing for them, to see that their mother is on t.v., talking about, her, “vageena becoming, a cottage cheese manufacturing industry”……

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