YIKES!!! Angie Stone Confirms Validity of Usher’s Herpes Scandal!

According to Angie Stone the victim’s ex-publicist stole the info from her phone and sold to the tabloids.

Here is what Angie told Streetz Morning Takeover:

“She was downloading something [from the victim’s phone] to a computer, the ex-publicist ratchedly took everything and started selling information that she had stolen off of this young woman’s phone.

They had text messages going back and forth between her and Usher [about herpes].”

Before you get jiggy with it.. ya’ll better make sure you CONNECT THA DOTS!


  1. So tired of this story. Instead of seeking a monetary out of court settlement, she should go in front of a jury with her lawsuit and be done with it.

  2. Black women, stay away from Usher, Derek Jeter and Mr. Marcus. Don’t touch them.

  3. Angie stone always throwing people under the bus

    back in the day, long before internet when celebrities were advised to say they were single, Angie Stone went around telling the whole world she was D’Angelo’s baby mother. Killed his audience. His career dipped after that

    • Yeah, & not that long ago, she was saying that ppl are still pressed about her & D’Angelo. Saying folks still be talking about their relationship or whatever. That they need to get over it because it was years ago. IMO, SHE’S the one who hasn’t gotten over it. The only person I see who keeps bringing it up is HER. D’Angelo was probably the love of her life, the way she be acting. Angie is known for being messy & that’s what has probably stifled some of her success. And what I want to know is HOW DID THAT DUDE GET A JOB AS A DJ? That negro can’t even speak clearly, what the hell is he saying? Don’t care for his attitude either, Angie is a music veteran & I feel he should have shown her more respect. An OG would’ve checked that dude harder, & I wonder if he would’ve came at him that way.

  4. She need to take some of that cash and get her eyes done at least!!! Giving me Crypt Keeper Realness with that eye makeup and under eye wrinkles

  5. The worst kept secret in Hollywood is like 90% of them mofos got dat herp. I don’t know why Usher is being singled out.

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