WOW!!! Tiger Woods is Wasted in DWI Sobriety Test Video

Police have released the police video of the Tiger Woods DUI arrest — showing the twisted during the stop and sobriety tests.

The footage was shot early Monday morning from a Jupiter PD dash cam. Police say Woods was passed out behind the wheel when they approached the car. He’s almost like a zombie in the footage — swaying, incoherent … and unable to even tie his own shoes.

At one point during the stop, an officer tells Tiger he smells the “odor” of alcohol on him — though Woods insists he did not drink. A breathalyzer later showed Tiger’s BAC was .000.


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  2. Tiger Woods was two wins away from breaking Jack Nicklaus’ golf record. Suddenly a huge scandal involving several dirty white bitches erupts. Eldrick’s career and his life are completely destroyed.

    In 1990, mike Tyson was a few wins away from breaking Rocky Marciano’s undefeated boxing record. For some stupid reason, Mike Tyson hires the black devil Don King to manage and promote his fights. Shockingly, Mike Tyson loses to Buster Douglass. Two years later, Mike Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington and sentenced to prison.

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  3. Wow the Cablasian doped up for the entire world to see.

    Money can’t change the color of your skin I drop of black blood and you are considered black.

    ask Bill Cosby

    • Fallacy. Premise all flawed and shit. Cosby isn’t a bastardized watered down version of a black man. You said it yourself, this Magoo is a Cablaisian. Hybridization 101. Try again.

  4. Tiger, bill, oj, rick james all fell cause if the poor choices they made of all four tigers fault was cheating and getting caught

    Oj killed Nicole, rick James fucked too many white girls like hendrix did and sly stones demise was drugs and too many white women just like chuck berry was fucking young white teenagersq

    • HO J did NOT kill that woman…his eldest son Jason did!

      HO J is an arrogant woman-beating POS though.

      • I beg to differ, the mob killed coke head Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Nicole snorted so much cocaine, she had a six figure drug bill. OJ refused to pay it. The mob killed that white bitch. The mob was operating out of Mezaluna Restaurant in Brentwood.

        Back to Eldrick; he was about to break Jack Nickalaus’ golf record and become the greatest golfer ever. White people weren’t having it. They knew Tiger’s weakness was ugly white girls. The naive black man was set up. Now his life is in ruins. I hope Eldrick doesn’t kill himself.

        • I don’t give a shit what you beg BITCH!

          Unlike you I don’t speak out of my ass. I know this for a FACT, asshole!

        • White country club people LOVED and adored Tiger. I have never seen a black man so beloved by the upper middle white class in my life. The idea that they did not want to see him break Nicklaus’s record is absurd. EVERYONE was pulling for Tiger to do just that. I go to the Masters in Augusta every year since 1992, and NO ONE has ever captivated golf fans like Tiger.
          Jack was never beloved like Arnold Palmer was. People admired his talents a a golfer, but he was aloof and boring…he only became somewhat popular in his later years.
          You don’t know what you are talking about. You misread almost everything because of your abiding hatred of Caucasians. It’s your god given right to hate anyone you want, but don’t alter facts to suit your narrative.

    • OJ didn’t kill Nicole…that was a HIT! The media dressed her up and made her clean and pretty but she lived a very wild lifestyle and ran with a very racy crowd. She was no angel despite her sister cashing in selling “angel” pins.

      Why do you think the media will show every dramatization of the trial but not the ACTUAL SHAM TRIAL ITSELF? A lot of folks watched the nightly news and never actually knew what was going on because the news gave the same slant every night…OJ is the monster that killed Nicole and Ron.

      The media NEVER told the day to day evidence that clearly showed it couldn’t have been OJ.

      • NO professional plans a hit by stabbing.

        Stabbing is personal.

        And like I said I know for a FACT it was Jason, you all will see one day.

        • First of all you should of watched the TRIAL…NOT THE NEWS…and you would know that MORE THAN ONE KNIFE WAS USED.

          Also would know that one of Nicole’s neighbors saw 4 LATINO MEN running from her residence the night of the murders.

          And since you claim to know for a “FACT” that it was Jason, whom the LAPD has said had a verifiable alibi, why don’t you share your FACTS with them. SMDH

          • Fuck you OLD BITCH!

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            LAPD will not ever touch that case again because they know they were trying to set HO J up and that is why they will never bother looking at the evidence against his son…go sit your geriatric ass down on the sidelines because you’re brain is not swift enough to be in the game…fake ass NOT-know-it-all…

          • And just so you know he did NOT have a verifiable alibi…he had handwritten his time on his timesheet at work when you are supposed to use the machine to log in and OUT…so NOW WHAT!

            It was slow that night and he could have left w/o anyone knowing he was gone. And with him being a chef having blood on his clothes would have gone unnoticed!

            You are the one who needs to stop believing everything any police department tells you, because those fuckers especially in this case, did not due their due diligence, to go after the real killer…JASON!

      • No it was not a hit and it was not Jason.

        It was OJ, and Bobby Kardashian knew it, and a member of the “Dream Team” discussed the trail at length with my dad who is also a criminal attorney.

        The entire legal team were well aware from the 6th day after Cochran was retained that he was guilty, and that is why they built their case by putting the LAPD on trial.
        They could not win the case in any other fashion.
        Did you miss the civil trial? Did you not see how many times OJ lied and was tripped up in the taped depositions?

        Nicole was no angel, but she was a victim. Half of the people in LA who are under 40 with money use cocaine. She was no different. Anyone who thinks that murder was a hit job knows nothing about professional hits. They are not close and they are not messy. That murder was personal.

        • I’ll say it to you too IT WAS JASON…I know this for a FACT!

          You people keep believing the hype if you want, but the truth always comes to the surface. It actually already has through detective Dear’s book, but that is not how I know.

          He has it pretty down packed though.

        • Kardashian the traitor couldn’t tie his shoes if you gave him a hand to do it. The police were JUSTIFIABLY called into question because of the inept way in which they handled the investigation.

          Add that with NO physical evidence and a NotSee with a badge and you get exactly what the world saw…a sham ass trial with not an iota of evidence to convict OJ.

  5. This is off topic but let me tell you something about Nicole. That white bitch was a drug addict. Her favorite drug was cocaine. If you don’t believe me, read Faye Resnick’s book. The real reason why OJ got so upset with Nicole is because she was using drugs in front of the kids. Nicole Brown Simpson was a drug addict and a hoe. Guess who her best friend was, Kris Jenner!

    • You act like you are speaking on something, NOT!!!

      Take that dry ass news from the 80’s on somewhere…

  6. NBA is fixed you are TELLING THE TRUTH! But the media will go to great lengths to always respect and protect white women…even when they are hoes.

    Kobe slept with the town hoe and was accused of rape;
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    Cosby’s reputation is DESTROYED and will likely go to prison
    and the list goes on and on.

  7. Tiger Woods was too powerful in the white man’s sport of golf. He was two wins away from breaking Jack Nicklaus’ all time major golf tournament wins. The white man used dirty white bitches to destroy Eldrick’s career. Currently white supremacy is using the pharmaceutical industry to destroy Tiger Woods’ life. Unfortunately Eldrick is too blind and ignorant to realize that the white devils are slowly murdering him!

  8. Tiger did you figure out that you’re black yet? None of that “cablaaisan shit,I know your Thai mother taught you that dumb shit,made you retarded,I have never seen a black so dipped in Shit,you did not see the whites,and blacks laughing at you,did you finish school? For a black man to have been born here in America,you take the cake running away from who you are! God Bless your weak hear

    • Blasians are the worst haters of Black people. So whether his mother taught him or not means nothing. Even if his asian mother said nothing, Tiger had his father’s own ACTIONS and CHOICES to learn from as well. Self Hatred is so apparent and children are not stupid.

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