Wiz Khalifa’s Son Needs His FATHER!

Amber Rose Bad Mother

Is Wiz Khalifa’s baby momma, Amber Rose, programming the rapper’s son to cross dress?

This post didn’t last long on her IG, having it quickly erased as evidence of possible child abuse. We’re guessing she couldn’t handle the truth she was receiving from commentators,

Let’s Go!


  1. ….That photograph is WRONG on so many levels….WHY use this picture, out of so many, of this adorable boy????

  2. He is such a cutie! I wonder if she is forcing homosexuality on her very young impressionable son. And daddy doesn’t seem like too much of a man these days either.

  3. Amber Rose is definitely trying to push an agenda. Look at at these shows I am Cait, I am Jazz, Prancing Elites. I feel sorry for these kids who are born to idiotic parents.

  4. Hoes be with a dude til kid gets here amber stated with wiz until their child was born then divirce and child support kelis did nas the same way i mean as soon as kelis gave birth she filed divorce hoes for u

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