Wiz Khalifa Says “F**K Kanye,” Amber Rose: “F**king Clown”

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Following in his wife’s footsteps, Kanye West tried to ‘break the internet’ on Wednesday with an all-time legendary Twitter rant going in on Wiz Khalifa – all because he mistook “KK” (Khalifa Kush) in one of Wiz’s tweets as a jab at Mrs. West, Kim Kardashian.

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He went in on the Taylor Gang rapper, but once he realized his mistake he backpedaled, sort of.

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Choosing not to get into any Twitter beef, West’s eskimo brother (Amber Rose famously married Wiz after her relationship with ‘Ye) kept quiet, but seems he has not accepted the half-hearted apology.   Seems when you take digs at a man’s three year old son he is going to remember that ish.

During a performance in Argentina the “Work Hard Play Hard” rapper shouted “F**K KANYE!”


After “bodying” Kanye on Twitter by revealing he likes to get his a** played with during sex – amongst other things – Rose went on the “Allegedly” podcast and took exception with the rapper bringing her baby Sebastian into the mix.  Muva says she would never diss North or Saint West, “they’re innocent babies, you don’t ever, ever talk about a baby.”

kanye amber rose tweets

The proud former stripper said she wasn’t surprised that Kanye had a meltdown like that because he’s a “f**king clown.”


    • B.E. From what I am hearing The newly canonized St. Amber of the Holy Truth is getting a LOT of gifts and praise for what she did. Talk about going from the outhouse to the big house in a few days. Over on LSA women who couldn't stand her pale ass now love her!

      • Anon12:37 I didn’t know too much about this woman until lately but “St…..” OH NO! I wouldn’t go that far, my “GOD” doesn’t play that ((((shutters at the thought)))). LOL

        I listened to an interview she did and for the most part she sounds intelligent and down to earth. She also seems to be very protective of her son and his father. She said that she never would have gone there if Kanye hadn’t brought up her son. I guess I understand where she’s coming from a little better after listening, the slut thing though, not so much. She stated that she has been lied on, called a slut, a whore or whatever so many times that she might as well embrace it. So now she uses the term “Slut” as her motto. SMH

        Lord help this younger generation that see these broken young woman as role models. Do they realize the power they have over our youth? Maybe they do and therein lies the rub.

  1. As a man and a father he should know better than to come at a man's child. You can come at me all day because I can handle mines, but come at any of my children and I will f#ck you up. #When beef goes to far. #Wiz should whoop Kanye's ass!

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