Will Smith’s Make Out Session w/ Son Jaden on Thai TV

Will & Jadens Thai Make Out Session

That already pretty weird thing between Will Smith and his son Jaden got a hell of a lot weirder during a recent interview on Thai TV.

While discussing the Smith family’s latest film, After Earth on The Woody Show, host Woody Milintachinda brought up the somewhat distant relationship between the film’s father and son, and asked if it was “like that at home” for Will and Jaden.

To which Will responded by kissing Jaden full on the lips — with tongue.

Or, at least that’s what Woody claims. You can’t really make it out in the clip. Or between the fingers shielding your eyes from all that cringe.

via Gawker



  1. I have never seen such stupid people in my life all of y’all with the stupid comments need to get a life you act like you’ve never seen and affectionate family he’s simply playing with his son they have fun just like most normal families do there’s nothing wrong with kissing your kids and he did not use his tongue as it they said he did you people are always looking for something to talk about look at your own miserable lives and talk about that shit!

  2. Will Smith is gooming his son for homosexual desires. I am wondering why his wife is not
    speaking out against this unatural behavior towards his younger son…his son is wearing dresses.

    I pray God will Save Will Smiths sons and daughter life…by bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ
    to them and the whole family..It is unatural for a Man to Kiss his son in the mouth especially for the extended time Will Smith did to his son …”WHAT IS HIS STRONG WILL WIFE SAVING ABOUT THIS UNATURAL BEHAVIOR?

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