Today’s blind item has a major Hollywood secret to tell and DL details to divulge. Now that she’s fully charged … like an energizer bunny powered-up by a double A battery … she’s warning her Oscar-nominated Hollywood ex of the power she holds, which could force his history out of its comatose state and squash this Omega man’s Tinsel-Tale … with a touchdown. Now, only time will tell how the overnight Oscar Boycotter will respond to her extortion play!

” _____ doesn’t not have enough money to take my voice away from me to deprive me of my story, that wouldn’t happen.”

Today, he’s holdin’ down a net worth of approximately $250M. That’s a far cry from his freshly-checked by the IRS azz, in the early 90s — around the time of their three-year marriage which she says didn’t work because she “just didn’t have the tools.” Don’t believe me… Just ask Brotherly Lovin’ Benny!

“I didn’t have the tools. I didn’t have the tools to make it work.”

Now, can you guess the vice-versa, open-marriage repp’in actor I’m talking about?


  1. How many damn times y'all gonna talk about will smith. And another thing get rid of these constant ads

  2. “I didn’t have the tools. I didn’t have the tools to make it work.”

    Makes you see it in a whole new light, LOL!

  3. Jackie, is it true she came in and found Bennie Medina and Will in a butt tug of war? That is why they divorced so quickly?

  4. Sheree better be careful. Wilma Smith has millions. He can make her disappear just like Jay-Z made Kathy White disappear. Sheree should just play the game and defend her gay ex husband.

  5. Those were code words, as in, I have the power alright. Maybe she got some $$$$ to make her video with the promise to get an annual bonus for her silence. The deals people make with the devil.

  6. Sheree must have something on tape to be released just in case of her foul play death, since Will does not have enough money to shut her up.

  7. Every woman will dated left.him pepa said will wasn't thuggish enough and the late Michelle Thomas left will for bobby brown

  8. Say what you may about Mr.Smith…he never rapped calling BW B's, H's or THOTS!! He never rapped calling BM N! So he can be banging a snake and I don't give a shit!!

  9. Yall letting Jacky f*ck with yall heads. Sheree, will and Jada are on the same team. Sheree and her boy is good….courtesy of will smith. Sheree not going against her friend and kid father will

    • Which goes back to the statement on the post on Sheree where Mayté Garcia said what she had said. Had Sheree looking stuck!

      • Yeah Sheree got busted a couple of times on camera by Mayte' & the ex of the baseball player (with her drinking alcohol).

  10. Will only keeps her around because she knows all his secret, and they have a child together.
    If they never has a child together, Will would probably gotten rid of her!

  11. Sheree has had 20 years to tell this story. She's not saying anything because she knows better than to bite the hand that feeds her. After seeing the way she treats her "normal" husband, I know she's not looking to give up the Hollywood lifestyles she's grown accustomed to.

  12. Isn't everybody in Hollywood gay or bi? A friend of mine with actual ties to the music industry let loose some piping hot tea on alot of singers rappers actors male and female…..just comes with the territory…..and before anybody says anything I was skeptical as well…..until things started popping up…..the tea was spilled years ago…..and years later alot of what was said was verified……but again it all comes with the terriority……nothing new to see or hear….

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