Did Warner Bros Sign Mac Miller For 10 Million Bucks?


Pittsburgh rapper/reality star Mac Miller made a power mover and signed a $10 million record deal with Warner Bros.

Here’s what Mac Miller had to say:

“Warner is the most independent thinking company I met with. It is a partnership and now I can focus on building my label Remember through music and let them handle everything I don’t like doing. Nothing will change in how I do things.

They have Prince”


  1. Mac Miller was/is doing it big on his own. If you sign a deal with a major label even if it’s a joint deal, do you lose your publishing rights still?

  2. Hope the deal was in his best interest but he is Jewish he knows how to negotiate. Funny he made me interesting in Wiz after their past collabs.

  3. who cares he’s white!!! the only reason why the “elite” are signing him is to made hip hip white these motherf*cker looks like
    he’s just started rapping!! he looks like a trailer trash ewwwwwwwwwwww! (rather a drip dry chocolate dick any day of the week)

  4. He looks like Tinashe lol who signed that hideous disgusting piece of untalented shit in the first place. he’s definitely doing favors in exchange cause they suppose to throw his demo’s in the garbage. everything about him is horrible and the industry wont ever find another Eminem

  5. I guess this cat is the next Lil Wayne. The industry continues to blackface our culture as usual. Every since Vanilla Ice…Hell every since Elvis Presely.

    • What’s Good Sis? Mac Miller signing a $10 million deal…Okay! We saw this coming a mile away. The other side does two things in relation to us. Observe the foolishness and wait to pounce on a dead body. Brothas in hip-hop are the dead body being devoured by them. Ignore the bravado you see in the industry, they got us by the balls. None of the bs matters, more money they make from our weakness. The pattern never changes, just the faces and names.

      • Hey bro. How r u??. Truth. I hear ya. I mean this is too out of control to even see an end to the foolishness.

        • I’m good Sis, just ducking and swerving the swine like everybody else. Brothas in the show industry fall short, because many assume that conditions have really changed…Not So! Them co-opting our culture will never stop, it’s too lucrative and beneficial to their bottomline. Again, we’re the pork of the races…Loved & Hated Simultaneously! We allow this to happen, so, why would they stop?

      • @tyrone “rap ahhnnn brotha, rap ahhnn, ppl movin out, ppl movin in … ball of confusion!” yeah.

        • Don’t try to overstand this nonsense, just avoid becoming a victim of “It.” Warner Bros. Records not getting one cent from me, I don’t fool with the music like that anymore. Yeah, I love the music, but not the people that inhabit it…Appreciate The Feedback!

  6. Wow Mac Miller hit the jackpot! Chief Keef deal was for$6 million but he was dropped from Interscope. The white boys stay winning Mackelemore with those 5 grammies but have you all seen this new artist from Oakland named G Eazy:)

    • Yess, I love G Eazy! People say he’s a Macklemore knockoff but his music is way better.

    • Yanno. Let us prepare for a militant Lord Jamar social networking commentary(or Vlad tv) appearance in 3…2..1.

      K koke and Castro dfam out of the UK are decent. The future goat is Logic, though he is half white. His freshman album on Def Jam is Nice and I doubt he got as much as Sosa or Mac when signing to Def Jam last year. Wonder will there ever be white boy equivalent to Kendrick and King Los?

      • K Koke is so shit live oh my goodness I can’t believe I wasted money watching that boy and his crew last year with my sister he was shameful we had to leave it was that TERRIBLE!

        • Thanks for the heads up because I have followed him online and was thinking about peeping a venue when visiting friend in Vauxhall soon.

  7. They signed him for $10 milli? Lol, I loved Donald Trump even though thats the only song I’ve ever heard by him ..

  8. I dont think G Eazy is a poser but its too early to tell. Look at Iggy, Pink, Katy Perry, Fergie, Gwen Stefani all fake and using the black culture to further their success because they cant do it on their own. I cant believe that the music industry has come to this. Lol.

    • Justin Bieber, Miley weak ass attempt with Will Made, even Taylor Swift with her incredibly weak ass attempt. So the question is, why do black folks continue to invest and by their product.

      • TPTB told Snoop he was cutting into their profits with Iggy and made him an offer he could not refuse, thus, the apology.

  9. Thanks to the sellout puppets in our community who gives them a waiver for the takeover. I was in love with hip hop years ago but I hate what commercial success have done to her. it’s garbage and all fake.

  10. bend over white boy, here it comes!!!…for a 10 mili contract he might have to do a blood sacrifice, he definentlely had to get popped though to get that..ask Macklemore & Ryan Lewis LOL!!

  11. mac miller is white piece what does a white boy know about the “hood or “thug life” what does these jhewish dough gonna rap about

    sex and drug has been done
    disrespecting women has been done
    money and alcohol has been done

    there is nothing for him to rap about he’s just a white mouth piece for elite to ruin hip hop!!!!!!!
    is interesting how when white people do black music coons and sellout embrace them with opened arms and white people do’t
    thanks us

    but when black people wanna do rock or country music white people complain and moan about it
    i think black people are too nice to white people and we need to step back i mean step way way back!!!! white people are different
    from black people we think differnt we looks different

    • Where you gunna step back to. Wt is broke and comming to a hood near you. Well not you miss Mrs England, what ghetto you from?

    • Let me start off by saying you sound so damn ignorant its not even funny. If you knew anything about music then you wouldn’t have to use ignorant names to describe a hard working guy. hes been dropping mixtapes since he was 15 and ive never heard him talking about how “thug” he is. He sold 144,000 copy’s of his album in the first week and it was the first independently distributed album since 95 to top the charts (that’s extremely hard to do). His music is easy to relate to whites,blacks,Asians etc. across the board he has his own swag and he sticks to what he knows, don’t be mad because he perfected his craft and hes getting rewarded for it. Hip-hop lol what the f*ck do you know about hip hop. And tell me what is black music? killing,drug dealing,strip clubs….that shit doesn’t have a color every race does it,but its looked at as cultural thing for us. and last your talking about black people doing white music have you heard of EDM cause im pretty sure waka flocka damn near stop doing rap music once he got a piece of that EDM tour money… im just saying tho its just like politics u want the black vote the white vote every demographic you can get your hands on (more votes means a win) music is the same way get a clue dumb dumb.

      • Not sure WHO you directed your comment to but I want you & EVERYONE else here to know…I have never ONCE heard a Mack Miller or Macklemore song EVER.
        Up until Macklemore won all his Grammy’s I wasn’t even aware of his existence & somehow I don’t think I’m alone in my lack of knowledge regarding these cats.

  12. Sorry I can’t what is it with TPTB signing all these so called white artists, stealing our flavour, style, music, food shit they even have white women doing bantu knots on youtube. [you know I had to shut down some of the commments with it’s only a hairstyle] then I’m watching the MOBO awards [in the UK] and the majority of winners were whites or africans. Frigging hell talk about eradicating out all the Caribbean artists. White and African is the new IT thing.

    • MOBO -that’s music of black origin. That would stand to reason that most of the recipients of such,may not necessary have to be Black.
      That aside, Africa is the source of all music,including reggae.

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