Former Murder Inc. Femcee Caught Ho’in Out There?

Vita Murder Inc Prostitute

HSK Exclusive – Remember Vita from Murder Inc. Records? Well, it looks like the lady lyricist — who was featured in the movie Belly — might have been using social media to sell sex!

It all boils down to a suspect tweet that appears to show Vita, and a dude going by the name ‘Six-Five’, bargaining over a sex for money exchange …

“We spending –yours — I’ll be in ATL next week” ~Vita

Check out Vita appearing to use twitter like a Backpage ad:

Vita Murder Inc Prostitute


  1. well when a failed rap career dies what else can she do.

    her album never came out on murder inc she was pushed aside for ashanti then she was on other labels like games black wallstreet records and her album never came out she cant do nothing but sell p*ssy.

    and the concversation is typical hoodrat really lots of girls talk about spending a guysd m oney and yeah at least dude getting some in exchange.

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