Peter Thomas Caught Cheating on Cynthia Bailey

On last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey called out Phaedra Parks for allegedly cheating on Apollo Nida with a man named Mr. Chocolate. Maybe Cynthia should have been paying attention to what was going on in her own home because her husband has been caught cheating…and it’s all on video!

In the video, you can see Peter lean in for a kiss, and then slowly run his hands down the woman’s body…while wearing his wedding ring! Cynthia, come get ya man!

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  1. She’s dumb, if a man stay in the strip club. Something is amiss. Peter is worse than the women on the show.. He’s with Cynthis because, she’s his meal ticket…tick tick, the wicked witch has spoken..
    Cynthia should mind all of her failing husband’s businesses and pay all the back taxes he owes..

    • Cynthia needs to start f*cking her husband more, she is cold as ice and boring as hell, i remember on one episode when he complained of them not having enough sex and she was like ” i have things to do” you can tell she doesn’t like to be touched, she’s just with him so she can say shes married not because they have a real relationship, she just let her sister drop in on them and stay 2 months without asking and then she let her sister sit there and down talk her husband and be all up in their business, anybody with an active sex life isn’t going to let anyone drop in out of the blue and stay for months, i’ve been married before and in-laws over stepping their boundaries and denying sex is a BAD idea, i saw this coming a mile away

      • They appear to have sex issues but Peter is using that to manipulate her. That’s an “old player” move: find fault in you, so you will doubt yourself and try harder to please me. A weak woman will fall for that every time.

      • Truth be told Cynthia is probably more into females than her husband or men for that matter.

  2. Thought he was caught on video( not that I want to see him. Just the idea makes me want to vomit). This is definitely a case in which Cynthia should have listened to her mother and sister and not married Peter.

    • Thought he was caught on video having sex ( not that I want to see him. Just the idea makes me want to vomit). This is definitely a case in which Cynthia should have listened to her mother and sister and not married Peter.

  3. Cynthia wipe the egg off your face, but she already k new his ass was cheating big dummy

  4. TB, I went to the VA for my medical checkup and here U go stating up again! Lmao! Not Grady! Lmao!

  5. Cynthia has had many fiancees, including Leon, Noel’s dad, and she chose Uncle Ben, the man with multiple baby mama’s, who always has his hand in her pocket, NOT her pocketbook 🙂 She must like being cheated on and having her money taken, or she wouldn’t be with him, and she wouldn’t keep throwing good money after bad. I think she’s one of those women that likes to be treated badly. The worse they’re treated, the more they like you. She knows how Peter the player is, and he demure attitude has really gone from mild to stank since she married him, like she really thinks she’s someone now.

    • Well, Leon is gay now and her other fiance Jayson Williams killed a man and did time for it. I guess she picked the least bad of the bunch.

  6. why does Peter look like Tammy Somoisture?

    oh, Cynthia needs to kick His yardie ass to the curb!

    • I think Peter is attractive. Some women like mature men. And he doesn’t have Tommy’s crazy eyes thank god.

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