Vince Herbert Beats Tamar Braxton!?

Tamar Vraxton Beat by Husband Vince

HSK Exclusive – If Tamar doesn’t bring a perfect performance to the table, we’re told Vince Herbert will scold her for it … and worse!!!

That’s the word coming from our tipster — who says the Braxton sister suffers verbal and physical abuse by her hubby/manager.

“Vince is very insecure … he’s a miserable man.”

Here’s the drop:

“I saw Vince Herbert pushing Tamar Braxton up against the wall after one of her video shoots. He knows Tamar won’t leave him. That’s why he abuses her.”


  1. Not true. Tamar and Vince are best friends who married one another. Thats it. There is no romance and sexual chemistry between the two for many reasons. The first primarily being that Vincent is Gay. Pay attention to his mannerisms and the way he talks to Tamar, its like how an older irritated sister talks to you. I have nothing against them as a couple. If it works for them, hey good for them. But, i would have thought others would have caught on to this by now…..

  2. I am very Happy for them both marriage is work but very well worth it when they go to sleep together light and cameras out that is real love. And only two can resolve or dissolve

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