Usher Is The Absentee Primary Guardian

Usher: Absentee Father

Since the custody battle between Usher and ex wife, Tameka Raymond,  ended with Usher being awarded full custody. The Got It Bad singer has not stepped up to the role of a sole primary parental.

You may remember, Usher fought Tameka tooth and nail for full custody of their two sons, Usher V and Navivyd.

According to MTE:

Ever since Usher was granted primary custody of the boys he has not spent more than 30 days in Atlanta with the children.

Our source also allege that Usher will be returning to the Voice this season and that he and Granny Grace live in Beverly Hills.

Allegedly the boys have been with Tameka ever since Usher kicked ofF his first tour with August Alsina and continues to stay with the mother throughout the European tour which started in February and continues thru this month.


  1. He's lawyer's out smarted His ex just to have those kids, and now He's not even stepping up??

    didn't one of Them nearly drown in a bath tub?, while He was on tour (promoting His shitty music)

    the Nanny was looking after Them instead of Their father!!

  2. So he has full custody, does not pay child support yet Tameka has them most of them time? Fck that sht, I'd be in a court yesterday talkin bout this nigga need to pay what he owe!

  3. The little one on the right looks just like Tameka. They are both very good looking.

  4. She ruined by revealing this. Now he WILL take the kids with him, and she will see them a lot less. If she were as smart as she thought she was being, she could've let him do it more and more and built up a reason for a judge to return them to her. Because of her mistake, she will now see as little as possible of the boys!! #ShouldvekepthermouthshuttiltheRighttime!!!!

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