Uncle Murder Says “K Michelle Punany Stinks”

K Michelle Stank Punany

Uncle Murder did a recent interview on the Breakfast Club radio show; during which, the rapper revealed that five men who had a sexual encounter with K Michelle, told him that the singers vagina has a fishy odor.

Here’s what Uncle Murder said:

“Five dudes said her punany stink. I can’t tell you their names. But one raps. One plays basketball. The other one does security and there’s a few others in the field.”

Check out 10:45 mark of Uncle Murder’s interview to hear the rapper throw K Michelle under the bus.


    • True. Even in the event that they were not aware of this alleged “fishy odor” up until the sexual encounter was happening, how many of the said five men smashed more than once?

      • This is reminiscent of the guy that calls a female a hoe based off hear say but has never actually f*cked himself. “I can’t say names, but one is a basketball player” omg who in the world could it be? Like bruh come tf on.

    • Yep. All those ninjas, that Uncle guy and Charlamagne, rappers etc look like they stink and look durty than a muthaphucka

  1. uncle murda looks like somebody’s dirty crusty, has been uncle trying to talk about famous people so he can get on blogs. this k michelle p*ssy stinking campaign started when she came at nicki minaj, 1+1=2

    • Agreed. She has money and invest in her appearance regardless how twisted her self image is with that donkey butt and you mean to tell me she does not smell her own choochie stink? Tell me she is sexually active and does not smell that and go to her GYNO? I feel this is a lie campaign.

      • Just because she has money does not mean she’s immune to simply not giving a fawk. She isn’t the first famous female that’s been rumored to have a smelly Cooch while having no inhibitions about getting down. I do however see the coincidence with the timing of the beef with Nikki.

  2. They are fags. Who kisses and tell?! Fags! I’m sure she can say mean things about them too. This is why black men are liking black men. Gossip and vigina haters!

  3. She is a gross azz heifer – why would she pose like that and yes she look like she stink – that’s why she has a stank attitude deep down she know she ain’t right.

    • LMAO I agree. She definitely look stank and wouldnt be surprised if they are telling the truth! Fuck her fake plastic ass! Im tired of these dying for attention bitches. Grown ass adults who never matured pass high school that still act like teenagers.

  4. What did he expect she’s fake ass and tits. I don’t think silicone has a smell.

  5. Charlemagne from power 105 is probably gay. Has anyone noticed how lighter he is? Self hate is real people. Men today kiss and tell.

    • I noticed, every video he gets lighter and lighter. By the summer he gonna be white.

    • I guess he is tired of being the token “darkie” of the breakfast club trio. Seems like Hot 97 staff are growing beiger as well. Flex is the last of the Mohicans.

  6. So says a bed wench for massa.

    And not all bm pass black women around. You seem to be referring to lil ass boys that do that type of shit.

    • C’mon now, You can’t generalize all the brothas….these guys are not real men. They are immature and faking the funk because even if she had an odor they still bust it out like crazy.

    • Black women sit around and talk shit about black men all the time. Now the tables have TURNED. A white man can have your nasty loose ass…lol



  9. Even funk master flex remained black as tar. Charlemagne is ugly inside and out. I know he used to work with Wendy and the negativity rubbed off.

  10. I bet you those roses that in that pic wilted 2 mins after being that close to her ass.

  11. This site is obsessed with the smell K Michelle’s vagina.
    Its become popular to say a woman stinks when you don’t like her or if she’s rejected you, she smells like fish.

  12. This sounds like a bunch of sissies gossiping on a playground yet they didn’t tell that they still licked and smashed her probably more than once.

    • Look at Warren Sapp he went out his way to find himself a prostitute in them streets and probably has a good woman at home. Smh

      • These niggas dont deserve any good women
        They are whores and sluts just like the women they lay with

  13. Like any bitch would let that ape murda near them. Niggas are just doin what they usually do, talkin shit.

  14. Now you’ll hear soulja toy sayin the same shit next week. All these niggas today do is lie.

  15. She put it on display and this is the response. these fools are clowning regardless if true or false, they clearly want her to put her clothes back on and insinuating she is or looks nasty!

  16. Time to visit a doctor if it’s like that, sum wrong lol, I hope they used condoms lol, keep Michelle you been catfished

  17. I read that k Michelle cheated with ebro from shot 97 while he was in a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Also Ebro has herpes the gift that keeps giving. K Michelle is just a ratchet low down chic and her attitude is shitty just like her twat.

  18. I still say, this sounds fishy as hell. Why are these cats bringing this up now if the smell has been there for years??? These fools talking about a woman’s vagina like this are nothing but bitter pieces of shit who are just horny and no woman wants to give it up to them. This is enough now.

  19. @Culture works, I dont blame u
    Im trying to find me a few sexy white men to date also 🙂

  20. These men are what you get when there is no fathers in the home , who would admit to banging a fishy smelling woman . and yet no one said they turned it down

  21. i don’t understand why black men always disrespect black women?
    don’t get me wrong some black women deserve to be disrespected because they also disrespect black men.

    but commenting on black women’s private area is very disrespectful and very hurtful

    these same black men commenting on black women’s private part wouldn’t do the same to white women
    or other women in general why do these black men feel the need to bash black women in public??

    1st asap rocky’s black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick comment, now this??

    come on black men you gotta do better than this, no wonder black women are giving you the side eye!

    • why do Black women such as yourself get on here to bitch and complain about Black men all damn day? Is your life that damn miserable to try & bring us down all the time? When did Asap Rocky or any celebrity become the spokeswoman for Black men? Black women like you are becoming worsts than racists.

        • Them boys shouldn’t be talking about her/ women like that. My brothers, my dad would have saw they asses. She/women shouldn’t be bussin it out like that. My daughters they would see me 4sure.I wish brothers would school brothers and sisters would school sisters. We lack ACCOUNTABILITY on both sides. Hopefully, that would stop this vicious fight between the sexes? IDK. But the mudslinging at anyone who complains, speaks out or notices the naughty behavior is so sad. Both sides are right about some / few men and women we gotta face it and stop the whining. I wish we could find a solution FOI / MGT type training perhaps?

      • @word

        slow your roll, black men have bitched and moaned about black women
        they even made hypocritical statements about black women, yet they white women is parading around town
        with weave and ass implants trying to be like a black women but this same white women don’t like black women

        you black man will hype up your white women, talking her she’s better than a black women
        white women like being compared to black women, in their mind they see black women as the enemy
        because black men have bitched and complained about black women in front of white women

        sellout black man are mentally screw white women are the enemy because their using black men
        for their sick, once these white women get bored they will leave black man for a white man

  22. the one that plasy basketball is JR Smith…bwahahhaaa..his ass aint nothing but a mouthy b*tch…which is the reason why he can’t staty focused on his basketball games and is easily distracted due to running up in various f*cking snatches – offering that community dick of his. smmfh. and that ho’s snatch prolly does funk up a lot with all that nasty donkey-donky she toting behind. sad. and she has the nerve to wannabe a bad-ass mouthing-off chic who is always throwing on-the-sly shade at folks. clean your sh*t, ho.

  23. …and HSK u better JAM NOW!!…as people type their comments!! how bout im over here bobbin my head to the beat and busting a move while im typing tho?! tehehee

  24. Her punany stink but they still hit it?? Now what does that say about them?. But most of them ninjas will stick they ‘thang” in a light socket if it had hair on it. SMH

    • Any creature who disrespects a woman has a whole lotta skeletons in his/her closet….

  25. Don’t play yourself by trying to use this thread to throw shade at all black men.You don’t know all black men to come to that conclusion! Your experience is just that YOURS.. NewFlash ..Some of the white women with white men have the same/similar complaints about their men so lets not try to generalize. Its makes you look ignorant.

  26. Don’t know if its true or just a bitter man who’s mad because he wasn’t shown the time of day. You know some men get mad and make up sh*t to make person look bad.

  27. . If she is taking the Omega 3 fish oil tablets then that may be the cause of the odor. She does have beautiful skin. Uncle Murder bringing this up shows he does like women. What an awful thing to say during an interview about someone. By the way, who is this guy again?

    • You meant it shows Uncle murder does NOT like women and yeah theres usually hidden rage and hate when men disrespect women like that.

  28. Black american guys are stupid. You lost your manners, your dignity and self respect. You are all black and you should respect black women. White guys and girls laugh at your stupidity. It means you hate your own black skin and the black vagina you came out off during birth. I’m from south africa and I’m disappointed in the way light skinned kardashians blinded you. You hate your black mothers . Learn to love your skin and treat black girls with respect.

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