Uh Oh: Is Mel B Bleaching?

is mel b bleaching

People are starting to notice Mel B’s skin color has gotten A LOT lighter within the past few months. The former Spice Girls’ latest Instagram photos really fueled the rumors that the star may be bleaching her skin.

In the side by side pictures up top, the left was taken in October 2017, and the right was posted February 1, 2018.

And she has even more pictures of herself that people have called into question.



  1. If she’s bleaching, at least she is bleaching her whole body. A bleached face with a black neck and black hands is not a good look.

  2. She looks to be over tanned in that first pic and a little bit of crazy.

  3. Why do people think if you go light in soon color that will officially make you happy .No disrespect to no one that does this but by all means it doesn’t change anything are will make you happy the best thing will be is to talk to someone about this to seek help and to love who you no matter what skin color you are talking about skin color will never go away it’s some that seems to be talked about all the time . I am just so sick of it.

  4. I love Mel b but I hope she Isent bleaching her skin. She’s always had a beautiful complexion

  5. It’s likely just an IG filter.

    However, people like her (pale biracials) are often forced to tan when they enter the industry. The execs tell them they don’t look black (even though they aren’t) enough to get black roles or be marketed to black audiences. She’s probably tanned for years.

    People should know this by now, especially considering the 80s where people would look dark-skin on film, but White-o-Rican in interviews.

    She needs to stop leaning out though. She looks better thick.

  6. I looked at random photos of her in her Spice Girls days.

    She was never this light skin. Yes she is biracial, yes she has a cinnamon tone to her skin, not dark, not even high yellow.

    BUT, this woman is not this latest color, even if she was living in no sun London. I think she over did it with the creams. Look at her old photos even as a young woman. Victoria and her over tanning came in second as far as tones go. She is now whiter than the other 4 girls.

    • Some mixed people’s skin tone (and hair color) changes as they age.

      Even white people. Some white people are blonde and pale as kids, but tanned and dark haired as adults.

    • Sponsors don’t care.

      In fact, there’s a bunch of greasy Italian billionaires (and assorted Euros) that would prefer to snatch her up with a tan.

      There’s also a bunch of Nigerian billionaires who aren’t concerned about her shade.

      • Any obvious black though is something that should really be apologised for in their world. The first thing Cowell will do is suggest bleaching – Amara la Negra will soon be Amara la Blanco. She has already gone blonde –

  7. Of course she’s bleaching her skin. It’s obvious, no it’s not makeup nor is it the light.

  8. Had she got with me back when Spice
    Girls were poppin’ her life would be
    much more balanced and sound. j/s

  9. Some of these black people in this sight always want to be the authority when it comes to skin tone.

    Have any of you EVER been friends, have family or friends that are mixed??? If you do- you know some people’s black gene expression is more pronounced than others.

    Mel B is a mixed chick who already looked more black than white and took it to the next level by tanning.

    It’s likely she just stopped tanning or being in the sun 24-7.

    Nothing to see here- keep it moving.

  10. Black women look at Mel B’s picture on the left. That is what you will look like if you use drugs!

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