Tyler Perry’s Odd Encounter With Joshua Sole


Tyler Perry didn’t only filed a lawsuit against TPS employee Joshua Sole, the Medea star jumped on Facebook to call Sole a mentally ill stalker.

Here’s what Tyler Perry wrote:

“So, I’m sitting in my house in LA, minding my business, and I get a call from the president of my studio. He called me to tell me there was an employee at the studio behaving strangely. I asked who is it and he said I wouldn’t know him because he works in production. Well, he was right. I didn’t know him. As much as I try to remember all the employees, it’s difficult.

Let me help you to get a picture of the studio, so can have an idea of what it’s like there. TPS is a 60-acre campus that looks a lot like a small college. There are 400 employees working there, and even though I don’t know most of them by name I make it a point to say ‘Hi’. Because my office is on a secured floor, the only time I see the production staff is when I’m on set or walking about the campus. So, let’s be clear. I did not know this person at all. He works in a department that I have no firsthand dealings with.

So, here’s what happened. This young man wasn’t fired and didn’t get into it with anyone at the studio. He just decided that he wanted to meet me. So he came up to the executive office. Now, you have to understand that the executive offices are on the top floor, which is secured and restricted. You have to have access to get to this floor. Well, somehow the power to the restricted doors was turned off(my security team thinks this was deliberately done) and this employee came up to the executive office saying that he wanted to meet me. The accountant that he said this to was scared by it, so she called security. In the 15 seconds that it took for them to get upstairs to look for him, he seemed to have vanished. They called downstairs to the department that he worked in and spoke to the person who had hired him a couple of months ago. His supervisor and coworkers said that he had been acting strange all morning, Security continued the search for this young man. After 45 minutes they heard him inside of the Sheetrock walls. He had somehow climbed into the drop ceiling and made his way into the empty office. He barricaded himself inside and refused to come out of the office until he met me.

Of course, the studio had to be evacuated and the police were called, even though shutting down caused me quite a bit in damages and lost hours. It affected production and my delivery deadlines. However, the safety of the people that work for me comes first, and my team knows this. It took the police about 4 hours to get him to come out of the office. At one point they thought they were going to have yo call the SWAT team because they didn’t know if he had weapons. After he was arrested they searched the small office he had barricaded himself in, and he had left his headshot on the wall with a note to me saying ‘I believe in your leadership’.

I don’t know what he was thinking. But let’s be clear, to do something like this someone has to be mentally disturbed.

Anyway, I’m back to relaxing.”



  1. I’m surely glad no one was harmed during this odd debacle. I gather from this article it would be wise for TP to enhance his current security team’s equipment & procedures. This could have very easily ended up being a fatality.

      • Yeah, Just like Tyrese. TP smashed that dude, now he is gonna destroy his character and make him seem crazy, so when the dude says he is a jilted lover and Tyler has a small army of boy toys, most of them can be seen in his movies and plays. They are easily identifiable. If they have been in a film or play and took off their shirt, they are part of the group…lol. But by then he will have painted this dude a psycho and no one will listen, they will just say he is crazy….lol.

        If the dude is so crazy and has history of f*ckery, how does he get the job he had. If you had more than 1 fight in high school and didn’t carry a 3.0 GPA, you can’t get a job at the dollar tree.

        • ya know, that’s the FIRST thing that came to mind… he slept with TP…He’s jilted and upset or in love and clingy…

        • Wow…you guys are ON IT!
          I tried to stay away from taking my assumptions there. Now, I’m far more willing to think you all’s assessment may be a tad more accurate than mine. There is plenty of truth about the MANY MALE ACTORS Tyler Perry has bedded.

          One thing is for certain…
          Tyler Perry KNOWS how to play the game. He is far from saintly & has to potential to be as diabolical as those who have been in the same business decades longer than him.

          • Anybody thats great friends with Harpo are faaaaaaaar saintly and have pretty much mastered Diabolical. But hey, he rich so he a good person….right. ***kanye shrug***

          • @Ms Reg Says!–I believe it–Macfarlane has White Supremacy on his side, while Tyla is a lap dog of theirs, which means the repercussions of the two of them clashing could be disastrous…For Perry. Thanks for the heads-up.

        • I’m with you Eddie, all that security and he still made it up there. You know why? Cuz he’s been there before. Special clearance, HA! Please excuse my dear aunt Sally because no matter how he puts it, it aint adding up.

          This excuse sound like an actor stuck in character from a bad play. Do better Tyler, do better.

          • Aaron McGruder Done Exposed Tyler For Fucking His Co-Stars Remember The Boondocks Episode Called “Pause”

            Were Tyler’s Character Wanted To Fucked Robert In The Ass?!

          • Reminds me of when dude breached security and went running at the white house. All that security, guards, guns etc and these guys still get in. Manchurian candidates.

          • @Black Enga….lol. Yep, and the name of the play is called “Mudeas in da house you better come MEAT her”. Yeah she gets her gun and does random home invasions on all the you studs in the hood, she holds them hostage and threatens them but she does not want money she wants them to smash (Meat her). If you do smash she dresses up like the a person who works for the light company before she shoots them in the head after hollering, Your Bill is over due nigga. I’m bout to turn your mother f*ckin lights off…lol

          • LOL Black Enga! Tyla couldn’t do nothing BUT cry at that episode! They touched on his ‘Casting Couch,’ the Mansion (Sex) Parties, his brainwashed-ass, mostly nobody Play casts, and his hiding his gayness behind a smokescreen of ‘Christianity…’ Homoerotic Christianity, that is. But yeah, eff a ‘Roast,’ Imma take it back and call that episode a ‘Lambasting!’ lol

            Speaking of which, I HATE that ‘The Boondocks’ has ended, but like Huey once said: “…What’s the point of talking if nobody ever learns?” I like to think that’s the reason the show ended, though the official word says otherwise.

        • lol Aaron McGruder, Rodney Barnes & co. ROASTED Winston Jerome–My bad, I mean ‘Tyler Perry’ on that Boondocks episode, to the point that Tyler Perry went crying to the heads of Turner Broadcasting (Who owns both Cartoon Network & Adult Swim [Boondocks] and TBS [Tyler Perry’s shitty-ass shows, or as McGruder & co. called them, ‘shit-coms’), and next thing you know, that episode was banned along with the two episodes that rightfully clowned BET.

          Word is a former employee of Tyler Perry’s Studio went to work for & supplied Rebel Base Entertainment (The production company behind the Boondocks show) with insider info about Perry and his behind-the-scenes doings (No homo), which explains why the episode was so damning and why Perry was so infuriated by it.


          • @Raheim

            So True, Tyler Was Pissed He Even Dissed Aaron In An Interview

            Winston Jerome Is A Manager Of An Production Company Who Doesn’t Let His Staff Or Co-Stars Go Home. They Locked In A Compound
            Huey And Riley Had To Fend For Themselves Because Robert Is Hypnotized In The Occult

            Wintson Jerome Duped’s Robert Into Signing Is Soul Because Robert Wants To An Actor
            Winston Jerome Promise A Role In His Up Coming Movies To Robert, But Robert Has To Suck His Dick

            This Is Real Life People, The Boondocks Is Exposing These Vulture

          • but tyler said nothing to seth macfarlene when the Cleveland show dissed him.

            seth has more money and pull than tyler and down with that gay chit too.

            • @crazychris

              Because Seth Is White And More Powerful Than Aaron And Tyler Put Together

            • That glittered Pop-Tart Perry knows who he can and can’t f*ck with, that’s why, but you already knew that lol Speaking of Macfarlane, he, like the ‘South Park’ guys, has gotten away with saying a LOT of slick shit about blacks on his shows, too, which is why I’m not much of a fan of his (their) works.

            • word on the curb is that the jilted stalker penis wasnt big enuff 4 Ms.Madea he didnt finish paying the lover his bread which offset the stalkerish behavior
              they say tyler like mandigos but unfortunately a lot of the lght skin men in the booty warrior community dont have the mandingos like the dk skin brothers which causes ms. madea a lot of problems bcus cream is his preference
              True story (allegedly)

            • Actually, Tyler is worth more money than Seth (more than twice as much). He probably left Seth alone because he’s influential with an audience that TP’s trying to come for. That Boondock’s episode was hiliarious.

          • @Jules–Oh word? If that’s the case, I stand corrected. But still, Tyla knows (or think she knows) who to f*ck with. He lucked out in getting that Boondocks episode banned due to the fact that three other episodes had already been banned by the time he went crying to Turner Broadcasting.

            • Don’t believe he’s worth more than Seth. Seth only has to pay for voices. Fuck Tyler and those crappy shitcoms. Fucking doodoo burglar.

            • @Raheim,

              It’s true. Tyler Perry is worth $400M while Seth MacFarlane is worth $150M. In this instance, however, Tyler Perry knows to “stay in hi lane” because favors Seth MacFarlane can cash in have the far reaching ability to completely destroy Tyler Perry.

  2. “But let’s be clear, to do something like this someone has to be mentally disturbed.”

    Ok. Is that a professional opinion, Tyler? Pretty rough thing to say about someone since “I did not know this person at all.”

    Yeah, right…

  3. Look at how that nigga face looks in the mugshot LMFAO obviously he had to f*ck Tyler for the job and his facial expression is trying to say that the sex was that good ROFL nasty filthy ass industry


  4. Oh please Tyler you aint fooling nobody. Everybody knows Joshua’s your lover. That beard you engaged too and that baby on the way aint fooling nobody.

  5. I guess Tyler f*cked him and left him out for dead. Tyler got what he wanted. I do find this odd tho. This story sounds like a lover’s scorn. I hope Tyler don’t and didn’t put no hex or something on this dude to make him wild out.

    • Yeah he put something on him, but it wasn’t no H.E.X. It’s called D.I.C.K. That what he put on AND in his ass.

  6. Studio heads don’t usually issue statements. You’re right Enga he protests waaaay too much. Can you imagine George Lucas saying this?

    • That is a long ass unnecessary ass FB post. Now I know why his productions and writing is the way it is.

      Has he ever written about the multiple mysterious fires at his studios?

  7. I read yesterday that dude is thinking about writing a book and that he’s upset about being painted as crazy. If the book never see’s the light of day then we’ll all know why his pockets suddenly got fat

  8. @ Laughable because he’s part of the Gay Mafia, who runs the entertainment world he’s good. TMZ, and Wendy knows better.

    • Stalae,

      Harvey Levin IS one of the higher ups within the “Gay Mafia/Velvet Mafia Connect.” Tyler Perry is NOT. TMZ may not have covered this because “Harvey was already previously briefed & informed FIRST.” While Tyler is newly wealthy, successful & GAY in the entertainment business he’s NOT above getting his “hoe card” pulled… THAT’S WHY HE STAYS SO TIGHT WITH OPRAH. She keeps the wolves off his ass. Did we see her associating with Tyler when he was still directing plays while he was still homeless? Now…AFTER he makes millions & is making money for HER as well “they’re thick as thieves!”

      I’m certain Harvey is not afraid of Tyler or afraid to push his ass underneath the “Expose All Your Business Bus” but only if he chooses to. Wendy Williams won’t cover this either… Tyler would have Oprah aniliate her & her career.

      • Actually … they hit it off right away after his first movie. AND he bought her and Gayle Bentleys. Wouldn’t you be his girl too?

        • @Jules–Are you Damage Control for Perry? This is the second post you’ve tried to defend him, both starting with ‘Actually.’

  9. Where stalkers write books at? Who needs to scream they don’t know an intruder?

  10. Tyler Owns A Huge Production Company And He Doesn’t Know His Staff’s Name…….

    I Bet He Remember Oprah’s Name I Bet He Know’s Mariah Carey’s Name Etc

    These Celebs Only Care About The Big People Not The Little People That Do All The Work!!!

    Didn’t Tyler’s Atl Studio Catch On Fire???

  11. This guy is the description the male protagonist in all Tyler’s films, as A. McGruder put it, the lightskinn-did man who loves Jesus (at least his mother since Joshua is a Biblical name). And that long ass alibi TP wrote, they smashed. Then again our community is plagued with mental illness unchecked so I can shrug it off as another crazy.

  12. Tyler, is a queen and he wrote this long letter, Please they f*cked and something happen. Save this long letter behind your butt buddy.

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