Trina’s Beefin’ With Her Lesbian Lover?!

trina lesbian lover

Trina went on Instagram live and called out “bum a** women.” But come to find out, the woman she was talking about just might be her former lesbian lover.

KimBroMics apparently had a fling with the rapper, but things have since gone bad.

trina lesbian


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BTW, that’s NOT KimBroMics in the pic above. It’s a photo of Trina getting cozy with known bisexual freak, Erica Mena.


  1. Who gives a flying fuck?

    It’s funny that you black women always have a gay male friend tryin to outfeminize you.

    He shoulda kept his trap shut lol.

    Yall black women are the biggest sponsers of homosexuality; yall are also the gayest.

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