Trey Songz Calls Ray Lewis a C**n!

trey songz ray lewis coon

Trey Songz called out retired NFL player Ray Lewis for siding with “them” in his latest Twitter post.

Ray celebrated his new gig on Showtime’s Inside the NFL with a picture of him and his co-host, and here’s Trey’s response:

trey songz ray lewis coon

In case you forgot, Ray has had some strong words against Colin Kaepernick kneeling during games last season which caused Ray to get dragged all over the Internet. Even Colin’s girlfriend, Nessa, called him out by posting this tweet:

Ray later said the Ravens were finally going to give Kaep a job as quarterback up until Nessa’s tweet was posted.

Do you think Ray deserves the dragging from Trigga?


  1. Sad but this is were we are headed as a society coons calling others coons liars calling others liars homos calling others gay. Sad just sad

  2. If i were collin i would cut that girl loose… Because of her they decided not to go with him on the team… That was just careless on her part .. he diddnt need her to put her two cents in…

  3. This is why the black race is doomed.

    Lewis had that job for Kap in the bag, and then Nessa fucked everything up.
    He isn’t a coon. He is a facilitator.

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