Tokyo Toni Accuses Blac Chyna of Being in the Illuminati

tokyo toni blac chyna illuminati

Tokyo Toni recorded a conversation she had with Blac Chyna where she accuses her of being a part of the Illuminati. Hit the arrows on the Instagram post to hear the full recording.


  1. Ima comment. TokioT had the baby at 16 so she gets some points shaved off for ignorance.
    How do we know Angie aint part of that Ill cult world? Wasn’t Kriss Angie’s manager or still is?
    2018 is one helluva year…

  2. Terrible mother!! Get a damn job!! Why should she work hard laying on her back just to hand her money over to you?? Old crack head ass!

    • ’cause that’s how Toni fed Chyna and kept a roof over her head growing up. Now Toni feels it’s Chyna’s turn to take care of her.


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