Tiny’s BFF Shekinah Gets Restraining Order Against Tiny’s Other BFF Sabrina

Tiny’s friends are straight up tripping and now it has gone so far to where a judge had to stepped in. Yesterday, Shekinah fallout with Tiny’s other friend Sabrina after Sabrina called her out for not sticking up for Tiny publicly.

Shekinah responded spilling tea on Sabrina which led to Sabrina making threats to beat up Shekinah.

In response, Shekinah said that she would be contacted the police and she
did just that… LOL Check it out below:

Tiny's BFF Shekinah is trippin boi!! ???? . . #majordrama

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Shekinah may have done the right thing because Sabrina is nothing to play with. Sabrina was locked up for attempted murder after slashing some girl face who took too long to return her car.


  1. Shekinah girl, leave Tiny, T.I. nem ALONE. These folks are bad news. They STAY in mess & folks have been murdered. Entirely too much drama. You are a beautiful woman so continue to work on yourself & become a better person. You don’t need “friends” like this. You have the name of an angel & I’ll pray that they will protect you. I’ll be praying for Sabrina too, but they’ll be prayers on a different TIP, pun intended.

  2. Stay the fuck out of their marriage tip can fuck the world but when tiny do it tip wanna get mad

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