Tiger Woods Threatens Lawsuit Over Leaked Pics

Following yesterdays leak of celebrity nudes, Tiger Woods is threatening to sue…

Dig the drop:

Tiger Woods sent a cease and desist letters to Celebrity Jihad after they posted naked pictures of him hacked from pro skier Lindsey Vonn’s phone.

Other victims of the hack include Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell and Lindsey Vonn.

The pictures have since been taken down.


  1. Apparently, after viewing the pics of Lindsey, we should rename her Lindsey ‘Vomm’.

    • Me too about 45mins ago Tigers is not there anymore but that is Lindsey Vonn for sure it’s on Celebrity Jihad RiRi also has a sex type there as well.

  2. Tiger’s is gone if it even was him and that chick is not vonn, just some photoshopped head on a porn chicks body.

  3. Tiger and Lindsey are still up on Celebrity Jihad.
    She has a beautiful ass and thighs.

  4. I thought Stanford graduates were smart. Eldrick lost over a quarter of a billion dollars screwing around with white bitches. This becky whipped black man continues to fuck around with these white bitches. I can’t explain it; the black man who thinks he is cablacanasian suffers from a state of self hatred.

  5. Your Tiger fucking Woods and he chooses to fuck around with this ugly white bitch? Why do the most most successful black men fuck the ugliest white bitches and average white guys get to fuck the baddest black women?

      • She is.

        Blonde hair does not make someone automatically attractive…well maybe to you because you are white, but NOT to us.

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