Tichina Arnold Posts Husband’s Sextape To Family Group Chat

    tichina arnold rico hines

    Do not cross Tichina Arnold!  After discovering her cheating husband’s sextape with one of the many women he was messing around with, the actress sent a message to his family – literally.

    The actress found a tape made by husband, Rico Hines, and then opened a group family chat.  There she made an announcement.

    “It’s over between Rico and I.  This is where I part ways and all bets are off.”

    She then uploaded Rico’s sextape to the group chat with his family (reread that last sentence, and then remember to never vex Tichina).  She claims that he has been sleeping with multiple women over the past three years, and often did it without using a condom.

    “I can’t for the life of me understand why Rico would video himself f**king RAW DOG, ONE of his MANY extraneous wh*res that ‘trick’ on him for his money.”

    Shout outs for the use of the word “extraneous” by the way.  She then went down the list and named around 20 women that had been sleeping with her husband, and labeled them all “extraneous Kim Kardashian wanna be’s.”

    Tichina says she plans on getting tested for STDs ASAP, and has already confirmed to the media that the two are getting a divorce.

    tichina arnold rico hines 2

    Her husband took a more, uh, diplomatic approach when he made a statement, “This is a private and deeply personal matter between my wife and me, and I do not want to comment any further at this time.”

    SOURCEBaller Alert
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    1. This despictable sorry excuse for a husband got served by the Tichinator !
      This woman deserves a round of applause !

    2. Are we surprised? That's what niggas do especially if he got some money. Why women so Stupid. . Every Chick think HER Pussy THE BADDEST AND THAT she CAN get a faithful Nigga.

      Bitch you got a better chance spotting a UFO, dumb HOES!

      Stop putting y'all health At risk chasing some love. Always use CONDOMS even with y'all husband's. They FUCKING trannies to , Dumb BITCHES.

      • All men are not the same so can it !
        Black men can say the same thing about all black women ,,huh are all black women thots uneducated hookers waiting for daddy payday ! Nope so don't put all in the same bag !!!
        A f*ck up,is a f*ck up And a good partner is a great lover !

      • @devil
        Wow, sounds like you have some unresolved, deeply rooted issues. Man or woman your not datable!

      • Round of ap-f*cking-plause, @FuckTheDevil. These dudes have seen more action that the Terminator series. Women should know that they're getting the most used of dicks when these f*ckers finally decide to "settle down." I thought *I* was the only one who believes in women requiring their husbands to use condoms (unless you're trying to get pregnant). Kudos!

    3. She should get an annulment based on fraud like the other lady…make sure he can't touch her $$$$, I would claim he's a psychopathic con-artist;)

    4. I hope she had a solid pre-nup. Some men can't be faithful no matter how beautiful, loyal or wealthy the wife is. Be thankful there e are no kids involved.

    5. This is one of the reasons why BM are jumping ship. Black women don't play.

      White women get even in other ways.

      • Oh stop the bullsh*t.. A woman scorned is a woman scorned .It makes no difference what race she is! This is not a black woman thing..

      • MissK is so right !
        Both men and women of every races cheat…
        You're "anti caucasian paranoia" prove the following : Zionists really performed a good programming of your mind…would you say clouds are guilty for bad weather just because they're white ?!? lol
        I've known some self hating caucasians loathing caucasians more than other races do !
        Read books on zionism and how they pit races against each other, they've been doing that for more than 3000 years …

          • They bankrolled and own the reasons why the movement you are referring to got created…
            As well they bankrolled and created also : the paper money (easier to bankroll stuff with paper than with the traditional gold), the Illuminati, every free mason secret societies, the KKK (I know it sounds crazy), the NAACP, Martin Luther King, every war since the "American Independence" (who do you think Hitler got his money from ?), the slave trade (that is why sugar and cotton are still today monopolies owned by zionists…), they bankrolled their way to gain supremacy on the banking cartel (Rockefeller are fake caucasians but real zionists, Asian banks are almost giving up the fight… ), they bankrolled as well drug trafficking (d'you really think that Escobar and Guzman aka "el chapo" are real latinos ?), they bankrolled and own all of the entertainment industry and most of their zionist puppets (d'you think Eva Mendes is a real latina ? Mendes is a typical zionist name like Cohen…or Spielberg…), zionists bankrolls ans owns all of the publishing industry (that's convenient when it comes to fabricate fake history books full of crap we are taught in school), zionists bankroll and control all of the pharmaceutical industry (if they did not, cancer would be cured a very long time ago), zionist bankrolled and own Monsanto (to control the food chain), zionists bankrolled and control the De Beers mining company (ask the stripped off africans especially those in south africa, also that is why you buy diamonds solely to their "chosen people")…
            Zionists bankroll as well every war, political movement that can give Vladimir Poutine a hard time because Vladimir Poutine is the only goyim alive brave enough to give them zionists a hard time in Russia…
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            Africans, Europeans, Asians and Americans (natives and non natives) think they are "free", that they can control their destiny, but in fact they are just fooling themselves, in fact the best slaves are the ones who don't realize that they are slaves…hence notions such as "democracy" "freedom of expression" "living the american dream"
            The zionists master these two deadly weapons : how to pit all the races against each other and how to maximize the notions of time and patience
            Peace out

          • I forgot these : zionists bankrolled the sabotage of the black panthers movement… Zionists bankrolled the launch and the spread out of the hip hop movement ( did you know that Def Jam founder Russel Simmons had a zionist business partner linked to the Tsahal Army ? That Death Row was bankrolled by a zionist financier specialized in money laundring and connected with the zionist owned Wall Street ? )
            I hate to be the bearer of bad news so I hope I was not too depressing 😉
            But you know Knowledge is a weapon…the more you know the better you fight back…

            • I'm highly impressed and amazed to find knowledge-filled writings such as yours here. A good friend of mine has similar viewpoints as what you shared. That's real talk right there!

      • @anon
        Let's be honest. Bm are jumping ship because all other women will accept, turn the other cheek, and allow bm to be with men and them too. Remember, your just breeders to them and you're talking like your at mastah house right now. Are you an in the closet gsy bm?

    6. I don't like this nasty acting stuck up chick. Saw her at an event I played for in Atlanta and she acts like her ish don't stank.

      Tish like p* say and her dude likes the P so they ought to go down to the great divide together.
      HSK, I know you gave the video…

    7. If my husband cheated, I would be OK about it, I would forgive him, but he has to wash his dick with boiling hot water, to remove germ he encountered during the sex up.

      • sorry to be the bearer of bad news but once STD germs entered your man's body, all the dick washing with hot boiling water (or not) will only clean up his dick, hence the STD germs will still be living in his body just waiting to enter YOUR body … via his dick of course 😉

        • Why must you correct everyone?

          Seriously take a chill pill, you do not have to explain every single thing like people are two…did you even consider she was being sarcastic? Jeez…

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