This Is What HINDU Nicki Minaj Thinks Of Our Hero Malcolm X!!!


Here’s ‘Black Barbie’ aka ‘Nicki Minaj’ — a HINDU Trinidadian — disrespecting the legacy of Minister Malcolm X, using his imagery on her SHAMEFUL single titled “Lookin A** N*gga.” The YMCMB track is laced with HINDU Onika Tanya ‘Nicki Minaj’ Maraj dropping the N-word a total of 42 times! That’s before the track wraps with GUNSHOTS.

The B*TCH — yes, I called Nicki Minaj just that ’cause the title fits — released the song yesterday .. not only during Black History Month, but also about one-week before the date of Minister Malcolm X’s February 21st assassination.

Let’s Go!


  1. This hoe does not represent the rest of Jamaica she can keep her island stinking ass over in Trini, she’s disrespectful about Malcolm X the movement he did for black people and this hoe uses him in a negative manner. I swear man this hoe is nothing but a poster for the racist, elite industry.

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