This Is What HINDU Nicki Minaj Thinks Of Our Hero Malcolm X!!!



    Here’s ‘Black Barbie’ aka ‘Nicki Minaj’ — a HINDU Trinidadian — disrespecting the legacy of Minister Malcolm X, using his imagery on her SHAMEFUL single titled “Lookin A** N*gga.” The YMCMB track is laced with HINDU Onika Tanya ‘Nicki Minaj’ Maraj dropping the N-word a total of 42 times! That’s before the track wraps with GUNSHOTS.

    The B*TCH — yes, I called Nicki Minaj just that ’cause the title fits — released the song yesterday .. not only during Black History Month, but also about one-week before the date of Minister Malcolm X’s February 21st assassination.

    Let’s Go!

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    1. This hoe does not represent the rest of Jamaica she can keep her island stinking ass over in Trini, she’s disrespectful about Malcolm X the movement he did for black people and this hoe uses him in a negative manner. I swear man this hoe is nothing but a poster for the racist, elite industry.

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