The Real Reason R Kelly Married Aaliyah…


The Real Reason R Kelly Married Aaliyah...

HSK Exclusive – For years, inquiring minds have been asking, why R Kelly married an underage Aaliyah, only for the marriage to end in a sudden annulment?

Now, sources close to Mr. Bump & Grind say, not only did R. Kelly believe he impregnated Aaliyah, but he also left the now deceased songstress with an STD. And guess what? We’re told the marriage was meant to be a cover-up – the only way R Kelly and his staff believed he could dodge a sex scandal.

Here’s what an insider from R Kelly’s camp had to say:

“Rob was sneaking and banging a underage Aaliyah, during and after recording sessions.

Aaliyah’s family basically turned her over to Kels with no supervision. All hell broke loose, two months later when she missed her period.

Kelly’s handlers saw visions of their cash cow and his protege’s career going down in flames. Statutory rape ain’t no joke. They lied about her age, snuck off and got married so she could not testify against her husband. It was all for nothing because she wasn’t really pregnant.

Nasty ass Kels had just given her some type of VD that made her miss her monthly. They got the union annulled with the quickness and Kelly sent lil’ Aaliyah back home.

Jacky, if you don’t believe me ask Barry Hankerson.”

R Kelly is a disgusting man who deserves to be castrated. Know why? Because we all saw proof of R Kelly abusing underage girls. Don’t believe me.. Ask Demetrius Smith.


    • R Kelly is a good man who went down to pedophilia is legal here in the Caribbean got drunk and they filmed him.Rape was legal in Haitia until 2003. American men need to stay away

  1. I remember hearing about this on lipstick alley a while back, and while I don’t know if the story is actual truth, but with all of the information out about Kelly now, I don’t doubt it.

  2. And if Aaliyah didn’t have some type of STD/STI before she met Kelly, she was going to have one later with being passed around rockafella, and the rest of the industry.

    • she was 14 dammit truman. and 12 and 13 when they met. responsibility wasnt on her. It takes a village to raise a child. not one or 2. be careful of what you say. karma has a way of cutting your words. for everyone to see. judge not please.

    • She was NOT passed around. This is the only sad incident. She had an Uncle who was supposed to look out for her but apparently didn’t stop this from happening. So she wasn’t abandoned. A lot of people parents included did not know about the Music Industry’s Pedophilia issue. NO one believed this could happen. The atmosphere seemed innocent enough and about Business.

  3. Sad what they have to do to succeed in music I believe kelly is a good dude even in the biography he didnt like aaliyah then and in the pic u can tell he really didnt like her but who knows. She seemed like a crafty but who knows

  4. Sad what they have to do to succeed in music I believe kelly is a good dude even in the biography he didnt like aaliyah then and in the pic u can tell he really didnt like her but who knows. She seemed like a crafty chick but who knows

  5. She wasn’t innocent. She hopped right on Dame Dash dick right after getting off of Gay-Z’s. Ew! A couple of women said Jay gave them diseases back in the day Carmen and Foxy but she seems to have amnesia after she was taken on tour with him a few years back.

  6. The comments on here are just ridiculous…she was a teen that grew up in the industry and endured a lot of drama, have some respect IDIOTS.


  8. And that doesn’t change the fact she was fucking a grown man. And this was no secret to her parents. They were all dead wrong. Yeah she was exploited, but wasn’t innocent by far. R Kelly is and will remain a sick fuck

  9. Her mom should have had respect for her position as a mother, if she would have her daughter wouldn’t have been fucking R Kelly .fuck her

  10. fast young girls????? greedy men who know better ??? Parents who turn their backs on their children for fame and money ?? There is truly something wrong with this entire picture.

  11. SO FUNNY . AALIYAH HAD A 4.0 GPA . and was on a talk show with a game. she of course won. because thats her magic. not everyone. but her. some of yall cant even do a math equation BUT yet you know everything is all equal. NOPE. research question then answer. assuming assuming assuming…bullshit. facts . truth make the world a scientific beautiful

  12. I just want to know who was the person in disguise on the docuseries. I believe it still a lot not being told. Was he getting them strung out on drugs and then it didn’t matter what they were doing or what I just hate half truths . There is no way his wife did not know .if he is this monster that everyone says he is that mean everybody that was on tour he had sex with I don’t see him taking you if you wasn’t having sex. Jovante said she would bring back girls so did she have sex with him also. What about you Sparkle he was so protective of you and you was there since day one . It’s a lot of stuff that don’t add up. Sparkle kicking it watching the game but his wife has to ask to come downstairs I’m confused on all this

  13. Three people that I believe know the truth about what transpired doing R Kelly’s early years. Missy Elliott and the two ladies from Changing Faces haven’t spoken or said a word, sometimes silence speaks volume. Bottom line every young lady involved in this situation was failed by the adults who were suppose to protect them. Also if these young ladies were white this would not even be a topic because his …ss would be in jail for life.

  14. R.KELLY needs to be committed to a pyshicaratic mental Facility. His mind is pyshicologically crazy.

  15. How dare you people. Yeah she was fucking that waste of skin, but at the end of it all she was still a child who was molested. She’s gone and really doesn’t need her memory trashed this way. Kelly’s gonna tot for what he’s done

    • Color has nothing to do with it that’s just white
      Bashing,and Aaliyah had plenty of white fans including me!


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